Thursday, March 11, 2004

cavalcade of conundrums, caretakers come clean

the joy of today. whew. a special joy. that only kind of joy that really matters. where you grit your teeth, smiling furiously because you're so goddamn angry.
or at least, attempting to make the best of a bad situation.

today's joys had to do with things out of one's control.
90 minutes to drive 35 miles. yesterday, this same drive took 45 minutes.
at the same time.
today, twice that amount. and there wasn't even an ambulance.
not quite as abnormally hot as it has been all week but still quite sunny and warm.
see, i've got his new job thing that requires me to drive much longer distance than ever before.
well, not ever before, but in a long while.
and this job, well, it's for the greater good, indeed, but it's a big adjustment.
the drive takes its toll, no question.

you know what? DJ Swamp sucks.
his remix of meat beat manifesto's "storm the studio" just came on and it's a joke.
he's annoying. and reminds me of someone i used to work with too.

also, i busted ass this morning in an attempt to finish up a quick blurb about this guy luomo, who's really good, coming to detroit. but for some reason, the email didn't make it to unsaid person who was waiting for it. dunno why. the previous emails made it. but not that one.
and of course, being the dumbass that i sometimes am, i didn't bother to send it to another email account as a backup. bad move.
so that sucked.

and then there was the fact that i had to spend $10 for my stupidity in losing my damn work badge less than a week after starting. how does this happen?

tony soprano. it's nice to have you back.

learning new skills. formidable.

also, a good deal of humility to go along with that. humbling, goddamn.
but ok, we are.

fucking bastards won't get me down.

the people, they are ready for us.


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