Thursday, March 25, 2004

GOP shuts down Democratic attempts to raise pay for soldiers

And here i thought Republicans adamantly support the troops.

this was lifted from The Hamster (see links to the left) but bears repeating:

From the CAP's Progress Report:
The Army Times reports the conservative-dominated House Budget Committee "was determined March 17 to just say no when Democrats offered a slew of ways to improve military pay and benefits by cutting tax breaks for the wealthy." Conservatives on the committee rejected a proposal that would have provided "$1 billion for expanding health-care benefits for reservists and their families; $1 billion to improve military housing; $350 million for targeted pay raises for enlisted members; $141 million in danger pay and family separation allowance increases; $50 million to improve family support programs for reservists; $14 million for public schools near military bases that teach many military dependents."

Thanks GOP!
Another successful hypocritical stance.
Well done.

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