Thursday, March 11, 2004

how dumb am i?

last night i was in a hurry to purchase some milk at the local grocery store and figured i'd get $20 in the cashback column while i was checking out.
the problem was that i was in such a hurry, i neglected to remember that i had $20 coming to me before running out the door and back home so i could catch the latest "Bill Maher" episode and then, the new "Sopranos" episode.
of course, i didn't realize my blunder until hours later, when i was taking back a DVD that i never watched. i gotta get on the Netflix train, i tell you.
but first i need a tv that works (i watched the shows on my roommate's tv, shhhh).

let's see, well then there's the idiocy of me losing my badge for my new job already and i've only been there a week. a new badge costs me $10. somewhere in the TL, there's a very happy new ebay employee.

and now i hear there's a problem with microwave popcorn!

i can't win!

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