Sunday, March 07, 2004

My Name is Adelpho

not really, but wouldn't that be cool if i was named adelpho?

I really do think it would be extra cool.

I've also learned that attempting to go to Peets in the morning before i drive off to San Jose to work is pretty much an impossibility. Why didn't i think of that before?

it's a rough situation. for sure.
people waiting in a long-ass line. it's bullshit.

this heater that's supposed to be working but doesn't also sucks.
I tell you, it's just not fair.

I met someone from Copenhagen the other night.
She told me a long and fairly detailed story concerning the fact that she's got a broken heart (awwwwwwww, right?)
what is it about my face that says "you can tell me a long detailed story, and i will listen."? not to say that i don't like it.
in fact, i rather do enjoy it.

but i sometimes wonder what it is about me, you know?
i have a caring look in mine eye?
maybe so.
or maybe it's my glowing aura, shining light on you from above.

enchanted. enchanting too, no?

so earlier this fine evening, ms. tina b and i traveled to a distant land called Alameda, a wondrous place overflowing with milk, honey and biscuits. we traveled this distance to visit an important place: the video store.
Video Maniacs to be precise.

And this fucker who works behind the counter is one of those classic video store clerks, the guys that know every single damn frame of every damn movie that's come out in the last 50 or so years. geeky surly fuck who gives you attitude if you don't have your card with you. or slams the cases down when he's a bit distressed.
or being tersely insistent that a woman break out her driver license because she "hadn't rented here in nearly three years and we have a policy."

I did manage to push him really hard.
in my head.
but seriously.

when i was sauntering my way up to the counter, after having been dissed severely by ms. b for even thinking of wanting to rent Nurse Betty (directed by Neil LaBute, you know, the prick with major relationship issues who made In The Company Of Men a few years back), this dude who i have run into a few times before randomly and he always creepily says hi, that i should hit him up for t-shirts or something and he taps my shoulder playfully and asks if i'm Sam Creek, following it up with "well, you could be his brother."
definitely a creep, this guy.
and i keep on running into him!
ugh. last few times on bart. and he's one of those people that looks at you a bit too long when he's talking to you, as if he's got some additional plans for you and he.
a maniacal sort of look, like Travis Bickle toward the end.

i wish this goddamn heater would turn on. it's still making that buzzing noise, three hours after i turned it on. i hate this place sometimes. enough with the cute little quirks of this place.
fuck quirks. i want things to work right, correctly. i want order, see?

oh! and not to forget how scary the Bush Administration is, here's some wonderful news about new and novel ways to suppress opposing viewpoints:
RNC�tells TV stations not to run anti-Bush ads -- GOP committee says's spots are illegally financed

sleep tight tonight!
luckily, john ashcroft is safely tucked away in intensive care this evening after suffering from some gallstone issues with pancreatis.

so instead we've got to worry about the horror that is the Girl Scouts and their horrifying cookies of doom.

make love, not love.

and finally....

this week's hot new phrase:
"Spider Hole" - in reference to the term used to describe where Saddam Hussein was hiding out when the U.S. forces "captured" him in Iraq before Christmas. People now use it fairly regularly to refer to being caught in a quicksand-like state, drowning in our own murky haze and muck, and it being much worse than just some normal old hole in the ground.
Spider Hole makes it sound a lot more cool.


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