Monday, June 11, 2007

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where: ritual roasters
when: now

what: me drinking delicious coffee not working

hearing: music has the right to children

looking at: the hot lesbian girl to my near right that i so wish liked boys. damn. and damn. i ogled her for good month or two before seeing her with her cute butch girlpal. but then i was crestfallen.

now hearing: olson

wearing: fuck bush tee, from the alley, chicago

just came from: the ocean

sort of eating: poppy seed bagel

current state: hazy and soon-to-be more wired

also attempting: to eavesdrop on hot lesbian girl i'm still way hot for and her cute mission chick friend who i don't think is a lesbian but she may have had at least an encounter or two with a girl, possibly in a 3-way.

angry i'm thinking about: oprah, though this guy near me just said her name. i hate him now. or did for a few seconds there.

hearing: this guy to my left behind me just whispered "stupid, stupid" in a very self-dismissing way to himself.

wondering about: this very small blond girl with very straight hair and expensive eyewear

hearing part II: the self-dismissing guy saying "stupid" yet again. he's mad at him.

now playing: one very important thought

now playing, about 13 minutes after the thing i wrote just above this line: CSS

annoyed about: the fact that this kick-ass electro-rock band from brasilia just played at the mezzanine in San Francisco Saturday night and i fucking missed it.

on the other hand: i was in Chicago Saturday night and had an amazing fucking night, so i'm not all that pissed actually.

person who just walked in: the owner of Ritual Roasters, i think her name is Eileen but that is based purely on eavesdropping one time when i was in here before, so i could be wrong. she's carrying a Whole Foods bag.

unsure about: if i'm going to finish eating my bagel, which is now cold and i'm realizing that i don't eat an entire bagel as much as i used to.

kinda happy about: being told by my friend, brian dillard, in chicago that i looked "skinny," which is funny cuz i was recently thinking i was a bit bloated of late. maybe it's all the beer.

carefully considering: how i'm going to incorporate the word 'crestfallen' in conversation sometime today.

wondering: how the sopranos ends. but i won't let myself watch the episode before finishing watching the episodes before it.

generating: concrete pipes made of high fructose corn syrup

contemplating: why i just wrote that nonsensical sentence above.

remembering: that i have sand in my fucking shoes from walking on ocean beach a couple hours ago for no good reason other than realizing i was near the ocean and sometimes you simply must go to the ocean and stare for a bit.

plotting: my escape from self-doubt

scheming: how i'm going to go to europe while already knowing i'm fucking going.

realizing: that "scheming" probably wasn't the most appropriate word to use as the theme of the previous sentence.

understanding: that i'm seriously overthinking right now.

and that's your bucket of worms for the day.

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Matt said...

More day in the life diaries of Tim Pratt please!