Saturday, July 17, 2004

Yet another crime committed by the Bush Administration

US Denies Contribution to UN's Population Fund for Third Straight Year
Thanks GOP, for once again inflicting your radical "Christian" agenda on millions of innocents by blocking much-needed funds to third world countries, blaming China's "coercive family-planning programs" as the reason.
But we have billions upon billions readily available to go invade a country and kill thousands of innocent people in our quest to "free" them.

This Land
While i think that this cartoon bashes Kerry more than he deserves to be bashed (come on, Kerry may be dull, but he isn't in the same stratosphere of evil that George W Bush resides in), it's still kind of funny.

Crank out the sweatsocks, Jimmy, it's going to be a scorcher!

Don't forget to include all relatives in your theory of relativity statement you're making tomorrow.

Thanks for having sex.

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