Saturday, July 10, 2004

Wake up

the other day a friend accused me of being a conspiracist when i said that the terrorist threat by tom ridge the other day, which supposedly said that bin laden was going to attempt to 'disrupt' the outcome of the election (what the fuck does that mean?) like in spain (i.e. the non-Bush allies swept into power following the the train blast in madrid, supposedly because of the act).
of course, there is no change in the innocuous terror alert system and nothing else to report.
diversionary tactics i said.
standard procedure from the bush admin.
and i'm being paranoid?

fuck that.
no way.
wake the fuck up.

i'm sick of complacency by this country's citizens.
speak your minds.
don't stand for this hateful, woefully inept american policy we now live under.
i still want to live in a free country.

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