Wednesday, July 07, 2004

Fuck The GOP

Just Because.

i hate the expression, "Lick The Bush," despite its obvious pleasurable imagery. i saw it on a truck today.

the woman on Fox TV just said "I'm one of those strange people like the fog and it's rolling in..." to introduce mr. weatherman...and i have to say, i am also like the strange-haired blonde anchor woman -- i too, like the fog.
i like the idea of how it envelops us here in the bay area, reinforcing the concept that we do in fact live in a bubble.
and it feels nice.
this is home.

even though home has been fucking hard on me lately, which includes blowing a head gasket, fixing head gasket for great sum of money, smashing said happy-headgasket vehicle just weeks later ( a week ago today - i ran into the back end of a SUV after they suddenly slammed on their brakes ); oh and then there was the ticket for fucking fare evasion on the cal train when i was without said vehicle when it was being fixed. i needed to get into the city and could not get the ticket machines to work. of course, it happens to be the one time i've ever rode the train and didn't know nazism still existed. but alas, the weasly little fucker who wrote me up simply wouldn't let me off with a warning and/or the option to jump off and purchase a ticket.

it's clear, the car wanted to die. there is no other explanation (unless you happen to be sane).

somehow, i forge ahead.

so what can you do.

not die.

the accident did shake me up a bit, probably more than i first realized, now that it's a week out.
i've been in this kind of weird shock.
hard to say.
i slammed hard on my brakes.

damn spider.
it slung down right in front of me a few minutes ago.
it was definitely a bit scary/funny.
warehouses tend to attract spiders, it seems.

i still see the isuzu rodeo in front of me coming up to me too fast, that 'holy fucking shit, i'm probably not going to avoid this'
a shitload of emotions packed into the tiniest of seconds. very strange.
the first few minutes were kind of freaky. seems a bit dreamlike, i would say.
but i got right out of the car. at least, as far as i can remember.
i hit pretty hard, i have to admit.
i can sort of see it in my head right now as i write this.
a very sickening feeling deep in your gut too.
the airbags didn't explode either

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