Wednesday, July 28, 2004

Barack Obama
The new Star of the Democratic Party

Illinois State Senator Barack Obama and soon-to-be Illinois Senator in the U.S. Congress delivered a heart-tugging, impassioned and inspiring speech Tuesday night at the Democratic National Convention.
Obama is a born speaker, and I can't wait to see what he can do once he's elected (his former Republican opponent, Jim Ryan, had to withdraw after it was revealed that he often took his ex-wife, Star Trek Deep Space Nine star Jeri Ryan to sex clubs, even though she opposed it, and wanted her to have sex with other men). As of now, the GOP has no candidate opposing Obama in Illinois. They actually tried to recruit Mike Ditka for the seat but he declined.

Anyway, Obama's speech was one of the best speeches I've heard in a long time. It actually had me nearly teary-eyed. No joke. He was that good.
Here's transcript also available.

Also, good ol' Bill Clinton delivered a hell of a speech the previous evening at the DNC, and it was equally inspiring, with unusual zeal for the former president. I actually miss the guy. I kinda wish he could run again. He'd crush Bush, no contest.

and on a completely different topic, i found this story about a new 3D-type digital audio format very exciting.
MP3 Pioneer Debuts Spatial Sound

But i must say, i'm encouraged by the DNC thus far. Good speakers, better than i expected. I really wish i was there now that i'm seeing it. I want to be there in four years, in some capacity.

Bush Falls Off His Bike - Again

And then we have a highly overlooked story about poor little Georgie, who just can't seem to stay on his bike, falling off it again for the second time since May.
Ironic in that i had to find it on an Indian newspaper.
Dubya takes a tumble
finally, it appears that Bush's delusions of grandeur are right on target. he says God told him to smite his opponents like Al Queda and Iraq, so he did.
Read all about Bush's 'God loves War' bullshite

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