Tuesday, July 20, 2004

Jibber Jabber

Arnold proves he's a little less than professional with "Girlie Men" comment - jackassery in full swing

Drug Aircraft to be shot down in Brazil, i.e. who cares if a few innocents die, as long as we stop drugs!

Flicking mosquitoes better than swatting - easier said than done, fool, those bitches hurt

Military families and a big portion of the spirit world applaud 9/11

Latest Presidential Polls -- too bad they're not all that relevant considering we should be looking at the races in individual states...Electoral College, nimrods

John Edwards' brother pleads innocent to DUI charge -- from 10 years ago! He's no longer fit to run, dammit!

U.S. probes possible 9/11 link to Iran -- i.e. despite the fact that nearly all the hijackers were from Saudi Arabia. Can you say diversionary tactics?

Apple introduces upgraded iPod -- that fucking blows because i just bought a 40gb iPod two months ago and now they drop a $100?

Crazed Surgeon amputates patient's penis, chops it up -- oh my god

Reefer Madness could be for real Feds say -- i.e. yet another way to justify the billions of dollars wasted on trying to 'win' the war on marijuana. Quite a war.

Fuck waiting in line at the amusement park -- money talks!

Don't forget to support the troops and their extreme bloodlust for murder

my new car - sometimes, dead is better. now, a new life breathes in a new car. too bad i'm still dreaming about my old one, like i did last night. that my car had been reoutfitted and had ended up going to the moon. why the hell am i dreaming about my dead car? i love my new car. it's smaller, fast, stronger and loves to solve diplomatic issues with third world countries.

intelligence czar - i'm for it, i'm for big government, the bigger the fucking better. someone needs to head all these errant agencies running amuck out there. damn. what's wrong with some responsibility? lay me down and call me bucket. she's eating more franks.

my name is teresa heinz kerry. and i vote for pandemic cumquats.

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