Wednesday, May 11, 2005


the other day was the day the buttons came down.
in one day four buttons fell off my clothes.
one off my gray jacket.
two off my cabana boy shirt.
and one rivet from my favorite pair of jeans.

methinks the world is coming to end.

i mean this has to be a sign right?
just like the man said, signs, signs, everythere there are signs
fucking up the scenery,
changing my mind,
do this, don't do that,
can't you read the signs.

this is a sign.

or maybe it's just pure coincidence.
all you people in the back, stop your laughing.

but how can all these buttons fall off and NOT mean something?
i mean, come on.

you people, my goodness.


for all you people who like muzak, you're in for a special treat.

i have completed a new mix, a hoedown for the modern generatalia.
it is good.
the artwork should be completed today.
soon you will be able to have it for your very own personal self. to cherish for many moons to come. and many moons yet to come.
as jesus once said, 'it is finished.'
jesus was almost right, because it's not quite finished...but close enough for lemonade celebration time.

elephants are the true leaders.

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