Thursday, May 05, 2005

Detroit Techno - It's On

Well, despite the multitude of hand-wringing about Detroit's latest financial woes and the fact that Mayor Kwame Kilpatrick was named one of America's Worst Mayors by Time Magazine recently, the City has decided to go ahead with Kevin Saunderson's proposal to try and save the annual Memorial Day techno festival once again, now on its third name, Fuse-In Detroit.

The lineup looks pretty solid, actually, with Mos Def scheduled to headline one night.

I'm definitely torn about wanting to go and the reality of the amount of money i'll spend, vacation time needed to take off and such.
Plus it doesn't help that it's just four weeks away. Flights will be more expensive, to be sure.

Basically, right now, i'm leaning toward not going...but i've changed my mind before, so who knows.
Damn Detroit.

UPDATE (2:30pm):
The festival will, for the first time, charge a fee for admission.


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