Wednesday, April 27, 2005

If It Wasn't For You, There'd Be Nothing Left

It's true.
Don't you know?

i do.

it's true.
not boo hoo.
yoo hoo.

they be hollerin'.

with the apostrophe N.

Yes Yen.

My name is Ben.

Ken you picture that?

I did not shat.


or wear a hat.

for that.

that shat.

don't do that.

she just sat.

is not a nice hat.

fuck that.

but yet...


isn't that right?


1 comment:

just a guy said...

man! you really livin' large. keepin' up wit the blog(HA!). like some of your calls on music but most of the rest is crap! can't you do better or too much X?