Wednesday, April 20, 2005

Chocolate Wafers Are For Students Only

people have been talking lately.
it's weird.
considering, people never really talk anymore, what with the proliferation of ESP communication back in the 2040s.
sweet, it is.
Grandma Chicken still calls it an epic event.
But you know, people have been talking lately.
it's weird.
so i don't know what to say.

the world has gone mad and i have stayed sane.
that's a good way to characterize it.

wacky, of late, yes.
methinks exhaustion could, just maybe, play a tiny role.

it's true.

i mean, check this shit out right here below, which was written last Thursday night, late, on like 2 hours sleep (look at me! i'm quoting myself! yes).

"listening to "fever" again, that Adam Freeland remix of Sarah Vaughan's version of "Fever," that is.
that is my song of the week.
fucking kicks.
so it was - as the guy on the bike rode by in sync with the tunes i was listening to on the car stereo, sitting in the driveway of ol' #25 in oaktown, pumping his fist he was. he came out of nowhere, as if he were a ghost on a bicycle with a jones for pumping his fist while bikeriding.
he had a beard, a round head, somewhat dirty, and all the hair on his head was about the same length, like it had been shaven down a few months back and this was the outgrowth.
that guy.
rocking out in synch with some fever. yes indeed.
that kind of shit rocks.

emerging from the frenzied fog i am. sometimes.
weirdly empowering.

i'm fucking tired yo

sleep is the only thing."

man, BeforeTim sure was right.
i am still tired, too.

i've been out sick due to a recent skullfucking incident that went awry.
and you know, awry is a cool word. fun to say, fun to type, just fun. and it's spelled phonetically, which i'm down with.
ok, not really a skullfucking incident.
though my skull did and does feel fucked.

i enjoy pants, even though i've committed cardinal sins in the last week by wearing the same pair of jeans twice. so maybe i stunk more than usual.
but at least i am wearing pants.
as opposed to those who are not.
those who are not wearing pants are often shot with adrenalin at the first sight of the academic scholars they deem to be a necessary part of their lives.
and damn, you know that's something.
even if pigs do get what pigs deserve.
i've been breathing in the delightful stale air all week.
reveling in a faux digital world, away from the hustle and bustle of real human interaction.
and so it is.

did i forget to mention i'm the center of attention?

cream-filled donuts suck.
and i hate doughnuts when spelled with the 'ugh' in the middle.
i prefer using 'donuts.'
what the fuck is up with adding that 'ugh' in the middle. it's silent.
fuck that.
was it the 'ugh' lobby who authorized that shit? who decided that donuts simply has to be more complicated.
i'm sure it was an aristocratic brit. fucking prats.
it's just better. donuts.
back to that phonetic thing, you know bitch cabby?

new tracks that are good right NOW:

slag boom van loon - "poppy seed" (BOC remix) - this song completely destroys me and melts my stress away.

fannypack - "718" - absolutely nothing what you'd expect, sort of a stripped down stomping bluesy - think led zeppelin's "boogie with stu" ("physical graffiti") combined with the jon spencer blues explosion and a vaguely slow old school ska beat. fP is alright.

sarah vaughan (adam freeland rmx) "fever" - another stomper, guaranteed dancefloor-filler. just fucking rocks.

m.i.a. - "amazon" - not as raucous as most of the other tracks on "arular" (a great record, btw!), but more complex and offbeat, cool sort of clinking percussion and beat programming. spooky vocals too.

beck - "broken drum (BOC remix)"

quasimoto "greenery" - Lord Quas decrees you should smoke much more bud. So sayeth the Lord.

sorry, i was going to get more of those links but i've been too goddamn busy to do such foolish shit monsignor.

i'm against angst.

Bush's indispensable toy:
First iPod - President's player features eclectic list of downloaded tunes

people are making a big deal because "my sharona" on his ipod.
...which, is kind of ironic, considering that in 1979, when that song was released, i had purchased the 7-inch single (we called 'em "45s" back in the day) via my hard-earned allowence and wouldn't you know it, there was some sort of guttery new wave looking chick (think Joan Jett but less butch) with big ol' titties wearing a see-through wifebeater (even then, breasts were kind of an obsession. hmm).
though i had purchased the single singularly for the song. The Knack were huge for about a minute and a half in 1979.
i remember.
funny, i didn't know they were from Detroit though, and i grew up on the other side of the state, in the land of Galilee. just like jesus.
ok not really.
though yes like jesus.

It's a Total Eclipse Of Sanity

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