Sunday, April 10, 2005

Division In The Rank & File

At least you have people to be with, things to look forward to, and shit to deal with.
my god, at least you have that shit.

let my people go.

let's rehash my brain and yet, not.

for it's all different until you have kids.

everything is tired, everything is repetition, everything is stolen from everyone, everything is unoriginal, everything is lame.

life fucking rules.

Ha Ha, It sure is Fun being a hipster and able to make fun of minute elements of our culture
a.k.a. i am he as you are me and we are all together.

Ha Ha, More Things To Worry About
a.k.a. i am a geek as you are a geek and we are all geeks together

Confused Cops Swarm Woman After Birth
a.k.a. ha ha, aren't cops stupid? <'story'>

Man drives wrong way on Bay Bridge, crashes into Lake Merritt
a.k.a. ha ha, aren't people stupid?

Scientists Artificially Inseminate Whale
a.k.a. ha ha, isn't science cool/weird?

Clean your monitor - Cheap and Fast!

a.k.a. ha ha, isn't the internet great?

50 Most Loathsome New Yorkers
a.k.a. ha ha, isn't New York self-absorbed?


playing music loudly so people on the street can hear it. don't you love/hate that? me too.

don't be sad.

getting higher by oneself is so lame/cool.

putting spaces in front of and after slashes is so cool / lame.

'Catching Up With ...' / 'Greatest Hits' is cool/lame.

being by oneself is so cool/lame.

Ampersands are so lame & cool.

being narcissistic is so cool/lame/cool.

wearing underwear is so lame/cool.

being cold is so lame/cool.

wearing hats is so cool/lame.

that last sentence is so lame/cool.

the end of a cd is quite lame/cool.

ending this is lame/cool.


my parents have been visiting me here for the last week.
they left last night.
it feels like it will be a week i'll always remember.
though it's weird, you don't always know an experience is going to be in the Highlights File.

but i will always remember it.
for the most part, everything turned out great. we had a whirlwind week with my parents, for it was important to give them a real taste of San Francisco, not just the normal tourist trip consisting largely of Fisherman's LameAss Wharf, Alcatraz, Napa, and all the rest.
you understand what i'm staying.

i got to show them my life.
how i live. why i left the midwest for the still-glorious SF Yay Area.

all of it.
we accomplished most of what we wanted them to see.
got a little taste of everything.

so yeah, cool.

having reality sock you in the face once in a while is a good thing.

yes yes ya'll.

and you don't stop ...

you keep on keepin' on

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