Wednesday, January 19, 2005

Agnostic Time for Bonzo

First off, you may have noticed that there are ads on the page.
Yep, scroll down motherfuckers.
i'll wait. i'm not really waiting anyway. i'm writing this in your past but for me it's my present. even though what i just wrote is also my past. but it's not published past so it's different. don't you understand anything?

don't worry, it's not like i'm trying to turn this site into a self-help center for the indigent. not that i know what the hell the indigent necessarily are. ok i do.

but still.

and not to worry, because i can tell at least 4 of you are worrying.
there's no way in hell i'm going to change any content or curb what i'm saying.
fuck that shit. i mean, fuck and fucking fuck fuck.
see? fuck michael powell.

hate me.

no, no, i read something about this new thing google offers called Adsense and frankly, it made sense.
to see if anything comes of it. sort of in that epiphany kind of way.

i mean, the thought of making any money on this site seems so completely remote, so if i can for doing nothing different, what the hell.
sure i realize it could be perceived as 'selling out' but hell, it's just a trial thing to see what will happen. probably nothing will happen. people will break down my door and beg for mercy, maybe. or fucking shoot arrows into my skull. but damn. they'd have to be pretty sharp arrows. i have a big noggin and it's tough as nails. i've broken it open a couple of times and it's only made my head stronger. so fuck you. i make the fucking rules mother fucker.
yeah. plus i feel more like a real puto.

though, i must say, i do plan on expanding this site more. getting a lot more features on here, better search functions and the like.

all coming, but this is one test to see what happens.

as for my recent absence from my soapbox of destruction, let me just say this: i was in LA last weekend and this week has been pretty much pure hell, so...these things happen.

with that, here is the latest random shit i've found. it's really the best thing you've ever come upon in the free world of madagascar (soon to be a major feature film, animated even, shhhh, you heard it from your pal joey).


and also..
krush groove.

maybe you can move to america and be a rich person and live long and eat people. that's what we people in america do.
we eat.
and we are people.
it's all intertwined.

Dave Matthews Band Bus Driver Charged for dumping gynormous piles of scrumptious human feces on wide-mouthed boat passengers (i.e. tourists)
you may recall that last summer, while the DMB bus was driving over a bridge in chicago, the driver dropped its contents from the bus lavatory, landing atop a group of tourists in a boat. talk about a shitstorm. damn, that would be so gross.
but funny because it didn't happen to me.
fuck, that would suck. i mean, shit. everywhere. shit shit shit. raining shit. that would be something to see, though not to experience. man.

White Christmas averted.
French police seize cocaine Santa

now really, can you please?
Stop that bathroom nonsense!

Fox News gets some of its own medicine, for a change
update: apparently the site was getting too much traffic. check it at ifilm viral videos
now it feels like we having nothing to lose. so fuck george w. bush. and go after the prick.

You've got to be kidding about this.
Apparently Spongebob Squarepants is considered pro-gay and is therefore, evil in the eyes of the right wingnuts. What is wrong with these people?
Group sees gay hook in cartoon: SpongeBob alarms conservative activists
James Dobson is a vile human being. Hell is waiting for you, my enemy.

well, touche!
Looks like my hometown is feeling some backlash from all this stuff being shoved down our throats.
Rolling Stone refuses to run ad for Bible

Remember, she's the Lenny Bruce of Wellness!
Stop The Insanity!
Stop the Insanity again! And quit poking your finger at me!

Oh, Susan, please go away

Want to order a pizza?
Better be wary. The future holds tremendous
no really, stop looking at all my personal info too!

---Music time
Interview with Kevin Shields, formerly of My Bloody Valentine
god, that was a great band. i'm so upset i never saw them live.
i could sure use a big pizza right now.

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