Tuesday, January 04, 2005

Obsessive Compulsive Order

i am a completist when it comes to reading.
that's why i have so many things i NEED to read sitting around my house in varying piles.
the sheer amount i have in my 'to read' piles is beyond staggering and yet i insist on reading most magazines and newspapers cover to cover or nearly cover-to-cover (i can sometimes persaude myself to skip the business and sports sections, though i'd say i skip sports first, then maybe business, depending if there's an interesting article i should read).
it's just like when i get into a band, i mean, when i REALLY get into a band and get ga-ga, i become all completist and obsessive about it.
Meaning, I buy everything damn thing said band has released, or damn near everything, (this is always dependent on the amount of money i'm making at the time ... or i should say, the amount of extra money i might have to spend on music). i feel like i need to have as much of the music as possible, to capture it, collect it and make sure i'm not missing something really awesome that i would have had i not made this extra effort.

all part of the obsessive portion of my personality.
sure is interesting.
sure am being self-obsessed again.

but why do i feel this need. like if i don't read everything in a periodical, i might miss something.
story of my life, in fact. i always feel like i'm missing out on something bigger or better. even though i realize that i should just enjoy the here and now, where i am at. but damn, i always want more. or i'm wondering about what more is out there. always.
i'm always thinking, see?

also, i just said hello to a fellow in the hallway, you know, the type of hello you give when you're not necessarily friends with someone but you've passed by them enough times that they deserve at least some sort of acknowledgement above and beyond the 'stare straight ahead and do nothing' response, the 'friendly nod' (which can be used in friendly situations, especially if you're in a hurry) or other vague notions of acknowledgment.
Anyway, the guy, who's an ok guy, gives me the one-fingered pointing at me, like a gun or something, and gives me the 'click-click' sound, as if giving me a one-gun salute or something of that nature.
sure, it's a little playful, which i can dig on, but who gives the one or two-fingered gun-pointing salute anymore?
apparently this man does.

one other thing of note.
the guy in front of me in line for coffee this morning did something i often do -- feel the portion of my butt that contains a pocket in which my wallet should be currently residing.
i do that a lot, feel my pocket to make sure my wallet hasn't been removed.

isn't that the worst feeling, when you feel for where your wallet should be and instead, it's just a flat, nonresponsive area where your wallet used to be?
it's that deep, sickening feeling you get in your stomach, when you know something is awry with the universe you've designed for yourself.
something is amiss. all must be resolved before continuing on in other endeavors. the world stops until the missing is found. usually it's just been sat on a counter near me or has fallen out of my pants (i have one pair of pants in which the pockets are very undeep and when sitting in the chair at work, sometimes it will slip out, causing me much consternation, and damn, isn't consternation a good word?

it's all very troublesome, you see.
very very troublesome.

finally, i'm getting excited about the Macworld Expo next week. i must be becoming at least somewhat of a geek. but i do get somewhat excited about this. i love when you first walk into the Moscone Center and hear that underlying buzz or murmur. everybody seems focused on going places, looking for stuff, checking out new gadgets or toys, and the like.
yep, i'm a Mac geek.
then again, what else could i be? i have four Macs at home (well, one of them is my girlfriend's, but still...three is more than plenty, no?)

so there.
or is it au pair?

more more more, just like Andrea True.
Breast wishes!
Radio breast enlargement contest blasted

people are getting upset about this? have they seen shows like "The Swan" or "Who's Your Daddy?" which was on last night.
come on.

also, this seems kind of interesting, this Hamburger Eyes story. cool photos.
Capturing the rawness of San Francisco's streets in a journal with an eye for the down and dirty
not interesting enough?
then about how about this, an intriguing story about how streets in the U.S. were named.
History of Street Names and Street Naming in North America

and this is simply hilarious, a Greatest Hits edition of some of SF Chron Music Writer Aidin Vaziri's interviews from 2004
Pop Quiz: The Best of 2004

ok, i missed this around Christmastime but i still feel like i NEED to post this updated version of my old favorite of the Badgers.
Santa Badger

bookstore arranged by pantone.
No really, bookstore arranged by pantone

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