Monday, January 03, 2005

Random Dreck For The People

It feels like everybody here at work is coming back from christmas vacation today, like we are all in school or something, and talking about what they did over the holidays. comparing notes. dreading the fact that they're back at work. neato and shit.

Desperately Seeking Dubya


Beastie Boys Lyrics Analyzed

Send a Crap-a-Gram

What's next for Matt Gonzalez? Read up yo.
Forever the rebel with a cause, Gonzalez exits left at City Hall

Radio Babylon
not to be confused with...
Radio Free Polygon

this seems like a good source for new music too.
Better Propaganda

and last but certainly not least, here are
The Number One Songs In Heaven
Do yourself quite a favor and download "Oh Happy Day" by the Edwin Hawkins Singers. trust me, you'll thank me.

and if not, fuzz ewe!

Oh Happy Day!

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