Thursday, January 13, 2005

I Put My Chocolate In Your Peanut Butter

a day late and two dollars short. story of my subconscious life, i tell you.
not really.
randomness makes the world go round, i swear.
i keep falling asleep at night before i have a chance to finish the stuff i want to finish.
very frustrating.
damn human limitations! damn you!
see, if cloning were perfected, i could solve SOME of these problems.
but of course, i have thought about the concept that my clone would have the exact same characteristics as i would, meaning the same character flaws (if you can call them 'flaws', i call them 'unique') too.
we'll have to work on that.
with that, here's my post that should have gone up last night, but alas, i fell asleep by 11:10 p.m.
so i didn't even get a chance to open my laptop.

iPod Shuffle Sparks Stampede
macWorld, here i come! i plan to get into plenty of situations involving fisticuffs today.

Are We Not Men?
we most certainly are not men. we are zygotes-plus.

Scarlett Johansson was super hot Tuesday night on jay leno. Much more lively than i've ever seen her. Maybe she was coked up. she also was wearing a jacket with just a bra underneath, and it was very wide open.
though my favorite was when she leaned forward to sign her name to the motorcycle in the studio that's going to be auctioned off for tsunami victims. the cameraman moved in close for the gratuitous cleavage shot. Scarlett certainly didn't seem to mind.
hard to believe that girl is 20 YEARS OLD!

moving along now....whew.

This is a great story about sound sent to me by a pal that's taking a secret trip to the Land of the Rising Sun. Yep, you guessed it, florida. it's a great time in the sunshine state, i tell you.
but never mind all that. this story comes from my former employer (back in the 1990s, when men were women and women were ghosts).
Nothing golden about silencing of some sounds

i think i'm going to protest this concert.
White TrAshlee Simpson
she just sucks. no talent. and she stinks. so i hear.

time keeps on slipping, slipping, slipping, into the future...or the past.
Gay Time Line

i don't know what to think of these, other than it's abhorrent (a good word, btw) if they're not fake.
Keep on Partying while surrounded by death and destruction

this is pretty scary for Gmail users.
Gmail glitch yields access to messages

Hostess Twinkies were never that good. the hype was always bigger than the chew.
actually, you don't so much chew Twinkies as suck 'em down your throat. or i should say, your esophagus. your trachea would be mighty pissed if it had to deal with a fucking twinkie.
Hostess Love
Hostess Love Part Deux

Pretty Pictures make the whole day better.
Look At Me

Make Love, Not Pencil Chewing.

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