Thursday, June 09, 2005

Kitty Mania Strikes at the Heart of Liechtenstein

the real test here is if you can keep the sound up for more than 2 minutes.

It's raining men ... and/or women

Happy Birthday Ronald!
You freaky ass clown you.

Robots Rock
Everybody's always talking about the children are our future when in actuality, robots are our future. We should be guiding robots and kick the children to the curb.

Speaking of children...
Stay in the trunk kids!

Live Kraftverk
Goddamn, i love these stoic Germans.

it's good to see loving christianity in action - more like God hates people who hate 'fags.' Whatever happened to God Is Love? Of course, it depends on which God you're down with, right?

Daddy W wants Patriot Act renewed - Go F*ck Yourself Daddy
Such a whiner, W is.

Hands Free still doesn't mean Safety Free

Mental health will drive you mad

Triple double trouble, Detroit style

Satan Loves the White Stripes ... and vice versa

Fuse-In - I Made This

Cough Drop blues on an airplane
David Sedaris is so damn funny, i can picture the cough drop shooting from his mouth.

It was Doctor and the Medics who covered 'Spirit In The Sky'!
i was having a conversation with one of my friends the other day, who insisted that f*cking Zodiac Mindwarp did a cover of the Norman Greenbaum classic.
i knew it was one of those late 80s psychedelica revival shit bands.
the mystery has been solved. we can all go on now and live.

New Goldfrapp album coming!
sonically, her albums are always such a treat. i need to finally see her live, dammit!

Father, forgive me for my peccavi
please father please.

A Nickel Bag of Funk
Digable Planets resurfaces, playing two dates in SF!
however, i admit, i'm afraid they might suck.
that Cherrywine solo album sucked soooo hard.

Anti-Gay Phone Company!
check out the phone calls, which are easy to miss, labeled "(I, II, III)"on comedian Eugene Mirman's site.
Definitely worth a listen. This is so weird/funny. Only in America.
even better, he's playing tonight here in San Francisco.

I could deal with Bennifer but Brangelina is going too damn far

Wikipedia is my latest obsession site but the Recent Deaths part is particularly fascinating

And don't you forget about the tragedies going on in Liechtenstein!
we've turned our backs on those poor poor castle-bound souls for far too long ...

Remember, have sex with strangers TODAY!

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