Sunday, June 05, 2005

Walk Some Miles In My Shoes

I've been a walking machine this weekend.
Friday night i walked from my house in the Western Addition all the way to Powell Street near Market. Which is like 2.2 miles each way.
Some might say "big fucking deal, a couple miles is nothing."
And you're right. It's not very far, really.
But when you're not used to walking such distances much, 2.2 miles is a distance. Especially when you throw rather steep hills into the equation.

Today I walked again.
Down Divisadero to Eddy, then Eddy all the way to Fillmore, left at Fillmore and up into the hoity toity Fillmore shopping district area, where i snagged me a Peets coffee (frankly the real impetus behind my foot-laden travails) and then went on the hunt for a delicious Sunday breakfast, which somehow usually includes me searching for the ultimate breakfast joint.
I'm still on the hunt and have been for many years.
But then, that's the fun of it, no?
I found a decent place on Fillmore, some French cafe, where i planned to sit outside and watch the people go by.

of course,the place being French, they took forever to wait on me. like, the dude gave me some water and then i never saw him again.
And being the incredibly impatient lout that i am, i decided to give them 10 minutes and that would be it. I would be gone.

and so i was gone.
though it took some psychological doing to get me to move from my relatively comfortable spot on Fillmore, albeit relatively chilly though i was.
but i told myself i couldn't wait any longer. i was already hungry and that seemed like a disaster in the making.
i was not about to wait for some snide French waiter any longer.

so i bolted, went around the corner and then did a southern turn on Steiner toward lower Haight, where i knew there was a decent breakfast place that awaited me.
of course, i can't recall the name of the place but it's good.

What other things did i see on my walks this weekend?

I think i spotted the guy with the really high voice and long stringy hair from The Cockettes in the Tenderloin on Friday night.
He was talking to someone on a street corner near a liquor store.
i'm pretty sure it was him and i did several doubletakes but couldn't verify.

oh and there was the guy with the bird on his shoulder on divisadero.
i'm always intrigued yet suspicious of people walking around with birds on their shoulders, you see.
i mean...i like birds and all, this being a cockatoo or a mini-parrot or something, but usually the guys i see walking around with birds on their shoulders tend to look a little, um, odd.
so yeah...i paid no recognition to the birdman.

there was the siteseeing tour bus that stopped in that familiar vista in Alamo Square (bottom pic) of the Victorian houses with downtown buildings behind it. people still take pictures of that.
funny too, to see that the people who live there are old (i saw what i thought were two residents from two of the houses).

and the wide range of neighborhoods you walk through, which seem to totally change every few blocks.
all very strange, indeed.

but walking is good, yes yes.

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