Wednesday, June 08, 2005

Chocolate Milk is Best

I don't see how the GOP could refute Dean's take, saying they are pretty much a white, Christian party. Duh.

Bush Admin edits global warming docs
yeah, it's a big ruse by liberals....if that's the case, what would be the gain in lying about it? God, Republicans are f*cking stupid, short-sighted self-centered pricks.

As long as you're white, you can get into the US
Even if you're a crazed murderer. Good thing we're keeping our borders tight, huh?

40 really is the new 30
thank god, i'm still got some good years left in me then.

Vintage Ads
talk about old school...

Sigur Ros playing Oakland's Paramount Theatre October 1!
one of the most zoned out times i've ever had at a show was their Warfield gig a few years back. amazing, they are.

Helmut Newton's lost photos!
he's dead, you know.

A Clockwork Orange - title explained
I've always wondered why it was called that.

Porn Video games
oh yeah, baby, oh yeah, oh yeah, ooohhh yeeeeah.

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