Wednesday, June 15, 2005

Post Near-Tsunami Psychosis

Tsunami alert!
oh wait...
last night around 9 p.m., i was comfortably watching VH-1's wonderful program, 100 Greatest Kid Stars, when the screen went blank and they announced a damn TSUNAMI WARNING for the West Coast, including San Francisco.
it was supposedly going to hit within 25 minutes. some crazy shit for a couple minutes, definitely.
but it didn't happen, so, we're all alright, thank you.
though it did make us think 'damn, we're gonna get hit with a hardcore earthquake soon." so yeah.

i learned lots of new words throughout the 'crisis,' including subduction and seismicity. so i got that going for me.
which is nice.

even better, now i can hang with geologists and kick major granite ass!

i was hoping they had a pic of people running for their lives in complete chaos but no such luck

worldwide tsunami love

asexual love
people used to say morrissey was asexual.
of course, the people telling me this were asexual women obsessed with morrissey.

pink floyd reunites
the world awaits pigs on a wing.

God bless Boards of Canada
an old track called "buckie high" for the people.
i am totally obsessed with BOC.

News Note: The Supreme Court has refused to hear an appeal of a copyright case brought against the Beastie Boys by jazz artist James W. Newton, who claims the group failed to pay him adequately for the use of a sample from one of his musical compositions in its 1992 song "Pass the Mic."

Tainted Love
Ms. Jackson if you're nasty.

bjork and her boy matthew barney make beautiful music together.
You knew this was coming
she's sleeping with him, after all. plus matthew barney is such a glorious freak.

When the president talks to god
Harsh! nice one.
i wish i could have seen the reaction of the audience when ol' bright eyes was playing this song.

Young Republicans make me gag
what's up with that girl singing in the back? And do they all shop at the same cheap-ass department store or what?

Porn Star loves to gag on republicans
porn stars need sexual favors and politics too.
i think this is the same woman Howard Stern was talking about the other day as the woman who stuck her head in the toilet while he flushed it. No, really.

Arnold booed
what a buffoon Arnold is. let's spend more money the state doesn't have on idiotic special elections because you can't get shit through the state assembly. cuz you're weak.
Maybe you won't be back, bitch.

Dressing down is it, yo
even though i do like to get dressed up. reality is we don't dress up like we used to back in the day.

Actor Lane Smith dies
you may not know the name but you'll definitely know the face.
you've seen him in a million things.

Actor Dana Elcar dies
you've seen him in a million things too.

Terri Schiavo's husband, doctors were right
she was even more fucked up than they thought.
she was even blind!
yeah, great way to live, with your brain profoundly atrophied. great.
so all those loony protesters were wrong. big surprise.

still more shit to be worried about - nonstick pans will destroy your brain
maybe not but it might atrophy still ... worry about more shit!

angry tired kitties (note, this site has been down a bit but it's really awesome when it's working)

Gooood dogs ... or BAAAAD dogs??
you decide.

it's goin' DOWN right here, right now

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