Thursday, July 28, 2005

My Favorite Bear

Recently, there was a story about a bear that decided to chill out and have a swim in someone's backyard pool.
I've ruminated about this in previous posts but now that my friend made some stickers of the bear cold chilling next to the pool, i felt like i had to once again post my happy feeling about a bear taking a dip just for the hell of a it.
That bear seems soo content and happy and to me, says SUMMER.
Oh sure, it was probably a bit scary for the family to see a big ol' bear hanging out in their pool but happily, nobody was hurt in the incident.
Plus the bear was merely tranquilized and released peacefully back into the wild, which is good.

I also wanted to note the bear as the debut of adding photos to this blog for the first time!

So from here on out...images to accompany text. Four years in the making. What a concept.

Exciting, isn't it?
I can tell you're quaking in your boots.


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