Wednesday, July 13, 2005

I Lost My Back in a Shipping Incident

Now here's some helpful advice ...
The Vice guide to picking up chicks
They managed to offend pretty much everyone in this. Hilarious.

Who are better at the BJ - gays or girls?
The ultimate test. Or is it the penultimate test?

Yet another mom puts kids in the trunk
This is like a growing trend or something.

Parkinson's treatment leads to compulsive gambling
Um, yeah, you read that right.

Your brain = iPod
Musical hallucinations? no way!

Waste more time on the web
Everyone else is!

Chocolypse Now
An, um, alternative take on Charlie and the Chocolate Factory.

Stuff On My Cat is back!

Socialite fanatics unite
Even more gossip!

DFA remixes Chems
This version is WAY better than the original.

Soft drinks 'should carry health warnings'
Like this is a surprise.

Free downloads of new EP by Detroit's His Name Is Alive
i always liked HNIA and their swirly music madness.

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