Tuesday, July 12, 2005

Between Something and Nothing

Nobody wants to get to the bottom of this more than the President of the United States.
Keep on squirming, Scott.

Karl Rove is feeling the heat

Hillary compares Bush to Alfred E. Neuman, GOP whines
come on, W. does look like Alfred E. Neuman.

This cartoon says it all about W., in fact.

maybe he'll have to inflate his face for art.
this is so weird yet fascinating. i can't look away.

Deep Dish remix of Coldplay's "Clocks"
this post also has a couple tracks from the new Deep Dish and i can assure you, the two tracks he posts are pretty much the best ones on the disappointing album.
this song rocks all night at the disco party

Little House's Doc Baker dies
bummer. 19th century medicine didn't work out so well.

i can see how this would get old
i'd love to see her client list.

One of the few things i actually miss about the Midwest is the overabundance of mindblowingly kickass roller coasters.
This one at Cedar Point, holy shit, i need to go on it.

... speaking of holy shit, A Drug to Eradicate Diarrhea
and it's not as funny as it sounds. imagine. a drug company that actually makes a drug that will help people in third world countries first.
yeah, i can't imagine it either.

and finally, this is more like No Shit ...
Drivers on cells 4 times more likely to crash
Get off your damn cellphones, you fools.

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