Tuesday, July 19, 2005

Cannon Fodder For Fools

Bush picks conservative Roberts for Supreme Court
I guess i can't say i'm that surprised but i was hoping he'd lean a bit more toward the center, dammit.
Here's more

I've always known that all the watches, hard drives and various other machinery i've laid waste to with my intense mental cruelty would turn around for me some day.
now there's proof.
Mind May Affect Machines
now i just need a way to revive all the machinery yo.

Reality TV hits tattoo parlors
Now we can all watch drunk people getting stupid tattoos they'll regret later.
I can't wait to see when a girl gets a rose tattooed on her breast. won't that be something.

British music habits
The subhed says it all: "Did you know ... that one in four of us wants to be a pop star, that 22 per cent of Scots have taken drugs to enhance their listening pleasure, or that 20 per cent of 45-54-year olds have at one time been a mod?"

Crystal Meth is bad bad bad for you
and i don't mean Bad in a Michael Jackson way.
The forces of nature are hard at work trying to dissuade me from ever doing Meth...not that there's a worry...but i just got through listening to an audio work read by David Sedaris from "Me Talk Pretty One Day" on my way to work this morning in which he regales listeners with many of the misguided things he did while addicted to Meth.
and now i get this link sent to me.
scary shit, yo.
even better, the song that JUST came on my iTunes as i was writing the last sentence?
"Crystal Night" by Kelley Stoltz
it's all coming together.
meth vs. tim.
tim wins.

Dave Grohl: 'Kurt thought i sucked'
Oh well, at least you got the Foo Fighters.
they're sorta good sometimes.

Mean Mr. Monolake
actually, his name is Robert Henke and man, this guy can be difficult to speak with sometimes. let me explain. when he was playing in San francisco early last year, i went up to him after the performance and told him how much i liked his recent album, particularly one track and his response?
"oh, i hate that track now." and then walked away.
oh. ok.
since it was a track on his own album, i thought maybe i had heard him wrong.
but no. my hearing was not wrong.
never mind that i was paying you a compliment.
i don't expect artists to get all worked up and lap up every compliment they receive but, um, give me a break Mr. Henke.
you fcuker.
anyway, the link above has a decent song.
it's best to just shut the fuck up and not talk to musicians you dig.
it's usually a disappointment.

aphex twin link for america

We really need more tolerance like this in Washington.
If they nuke us, bomb Mecca
Or more tolerance in our T-ball coaches too (sidenote - this is officially the first time i've ever linked to two fox news stories. please kill me soon).

Seattle man dies after sex with horse
ummmm, yep.
this is pretty damn gross.

One of my favorite photos of me
Thanks, once again, to Mr. While Seated for making this all possible (this photo is also available on right side of this blog under "About Me").

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