Friday, July 08, 2005

London Calling

First, i gotta give it up to our London friends.
That so sucks what has happened.
I can't even begin to feel the anguish, pain and overall shitty ass feeling it must be to have someone who perished and/or was injured in the four timed blasts in London that happened yesterday.

Funny, it was eerily similar to how i was woken up the morning of sept. 11, 2001. i received an awfully early phone call before 7 a.m. on a weekday morning.
as my friend matt said earlier this evening, "when you get a call that early , it's never good."
unless it's one of your drunken friends that always stay up to all hours and routinely call you at all hours.
fortunately, i lost most of those types of friends back in the day.
mainly because it's too hard to keep up with those kinds of fuckers.
you know.

i don't know, i feel like we should be more freaked out about what happened.
just feels like it's hitting too close to home.
then again, we cannot freak out.
we cannot let this shit get to us.

i, for one, will not let this slow me down in the slightest in relation to anything that i do.

fuck that.
i sound like a jingoistic politician, but i assure, this has nothing to do with politics.
it's about personal pride and maintaining a level of stability.
An oft-repeated phrase these days is "I cannot and will not live in fear."
And i must concur.

I won't fucking live in fear.

I am happy that more people did not die than the number that is currently circulating (37 dead, more than 700 injured).
Still, it saddens me that 37 random people that did nothing to warrant this sort of death had to die for such bullshit.

we humans, we are so sad in so many ways. so competitive and in need of acceptance by our fellow man that we are driven to such lowly acts.

it's all fucked.


still, we must survive.
we all have the instinct, the will, to survive.

so we must continue.

i ain't trying to be mr. pep talk man about life and shit.
i'm not exactly in the corner of ALL humanity as a whole.
i don't necessarily think life is a god-given right and therefore don't believe we should take anything for granted.

so yeah, reality is i know i'm going to get another early morning phone call that will fill me with dread, sadness and maybe even anger.

i know other cities will be hit.
but fuck the bullshit.

fuck being afraid.

fuck it all.

word up to London.

fuck the bullshit.


Updated London bombings coverage

what to do with those old shitty non usable cellphones in your drawers

Airline report of number of pets that die each year(PDF)
lower than was expected but still unacceptable.
doesn't make me very eager to bring along my pet with me anywhere.

Watch TV on your pc

TiVo cheap for next month

aphex twin covered by classical musicians
this is great
aphex twin has officially entered the world of acceptance among musicians.

today's podcast link

world's ugliest dog
no shit, this dog, not pretty.

downloadable live 8 video
some good stuff on here.
and some really bad stuff on here.
bjork = good
a-ha = bad
pink floyd = good
duran duran = bad
elton john = boring
elton john+a wasted pete doherty = interesting
coldplay = ok
coldplay + richard ashcroft sans shoes = interesting
madonna = ok
madonna + obviously-freaked-out-African-girl = interesting

so i'm saying, worth checking out.
some of it.

New Sufjan Stevens song on NPR
turns out his name is pronounced "Soo-fan"
silent J.
who knew?

crazy world, yo.
i gotta bail.

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