Wednesday, July 27, 2005

Your Karma Stinks

Summer time and the Ants are marching.

We've had a recent infestation of ants and i must say, those little bastards won't give up. They just keep coming and coming. They're like bothersome humans taking it too far. Even when they're crushed to death by my enormous fingers of doom, they still keep coming.
They must really hate our president, huh?
Actually, they just hate our freedom. The ants are sick of having to do all the legwork and they say NO MORE!
More ant information than you'll ever need
Also, it is noteworthy to note that i've noted that bananas really emit quite an odor. Almost as odoriferous as your karma, man.
Keeping bananas in a ziploc bag doesn't really help either, i've found.

I don't like the fact that i'm forced to eat bananas so soon after i purchase them.
It's bullshit. I should be able to freeze them if i want, and save them for later.
Why can't someone come up with a way for me to do this? I want answers. I want action.

Cats lack sweet tooth
Somehow, i don't totally buy this. At least, not for my cat. She loves fruity drinks, as well as sugary soda like Mountain Dew and Pepsi, though she has a real hankering for fruit-flavored cocktails. Damn her and her sweet tooth (that she doesn't have!).

People in the Midwest are telling me how miserable they are with the recent heatwave.
Meanwhile, here in the Bay Area, we were shivering last night because it was so darn cold. I mean, it got to about 50 degrees!!!
heh heh. I love where i live.

The Best of Breasts
Great photos by photog Jordan Matter. I love the idea that women are in everyday situations in the city and just so happen to be topless. The woman staring intently at her laptop in Starbucks is especially good.

Play music with people in real time from all over world
created by the same guy who created WinAmp.
However, i'm not impressed with the samples thus far, though a lot have been added since Sunday, so i'm sure they'll improve.

Scharffen Berger bought by Hersey
I love this place, especially since i got to take a tour of the facility in Berkeley for my birthday.
So i'm somewhat bummed that Scharffen Berger is now owned by Hersey.
Willy Wonka wouldn't approve.

speaking of delicious chocolate ...
Nothing's worse than getting a Maltmus Maximus and having no crunchy malt to sink your teeth into. What's the point if all i'm getting is some decent chocolate?
I want more dammit.
I weep, much like Jesus did in past tense.

I watched Run Lola Run a couple nights ago. i still dig that movie.
Not to be confused with Run Leia Run, however.

Fat Man Walking across America to lose weight to regain his life.
I wish i could see the Fat Man Walking. But it's too late. He's already in Arizona.
What happens when the fat man loses enough weight to no longer be considered a fat man? What will he be then? A formerly fan man walking? A stocky man walking?

Payola still exists in record industry
Big surprise.
This would definitely explain the oversaturation of fools like Celine Dion and the untalented J-Lo, at least somewhat. The general populous still likes bad music, for the most part.

Bloc Party Remixes for your family
By M83 (overhyped band of late), Four Tet and Mogwai. Listen to your ears.

Check the new DJ Shadow mix
catch it while it's still around. God knows he hasn't done a whole helluva lot in the last 10 years since Endtroducing, other than a couple albums and re-releasing a Deluxe Edition of the same album. Ho Hum.

Live Sufjan Stevens boot, Parts I & Part II
The sound quality is pretty poor, but a decent sense of what he and his band sound like live.
Question for God:
If I'm wearing headphones and listening to loud music when i fart, does it make a noise?
thanks god, in advance, for your impending answer.
So i've been listening to various David Sedaris box set of books on cd the last couple weeks on my commute to and from work, change of pace, you see.
well, he reads all of his own stories. have you ever heard his voice? very high pitched and whiny, funny gets tiresome...but that's not my point.
Have you ever read any of his books? short humorous stories usually. the one i've been listening to is Me Talk Pretty One Day, the one book i hadn't actually read, and my god, every single story is about his experiences in paris...every stinking one.
Three stories alone are about his troubles taking a french class. pretty tiresome, i think, at least to hear them all at once.
Anyway...what really got me was the fact that one story i was listening to on the Me talk collection was a live recording and it sounded really it turns out, the SAME EXACT STORY is now titled something different and included in his new book Dress your family in Corduroy and Denim. A bit lazy, i think.

People who drive on the sidewalk should be lauded for their safety.

I'm like a fire that's still burning. Don't you see?

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