Monday, July 25, 2005

Satisfactory Factory Outlet a Factor

I Made This
Plastikman, The Early Years

I finally saw Charlie and the Chocolate Factory yesterday and i LOVED it. I especially recommend you see it on the gigantor IMAX screen if you can. It was overwhelmingly awesome.
I can't imagine what some of these fools are saying about Johnny Depp's performance reminding them of Michael Jackson. He wasn't even remotely close to MJ and frankly, reflects lazy reporting by reviewers.
I'll definitely see it again.

New Boards Of Canada album to be released on my Birthday!
October 18 is the day.
It's like fate or something. My obsession comes full circle.

M.I.A. returns to US on headlining tour
I can't wait to see her new matching outfits, though one can only hope she learns some new dance moves.

World bids adieu to Myron Floren, world's greatest accordion player.
Lawrence Welk's pal kicks it.

The Believer's Music Issue
Always a pleasant mixture of fine, unusual music writing, interviews and the like.
Also comes with a highly sought-after CD.

In SF, (nearly) nobody listens to techno
except me. and apparently, so does the SF Weekly music editor.

Remix NIN
go ahead, make Trent's day just a little bit easier for him, won't you?

Top 10 Web Fads
I always liked Nahir "I Kiss You!!!"
some of the other ones, i'm not so sure.

Old school Pixies and Breeders Video
Just like Mom used to make. Except Mom was a bigger fan of the Breeders, naturally.

More classical versions of Aphex Twin tunes
Unlike what Mom used to make, like or enjoy.

iPod DJ Mixer
And the world will forever be changed.
On the other hand, i think they need to work on it more. where's the pitch control? This seems like more novelty than anything else.

Pop on up and Play
Not necessarily viewable at work, depending on the open-mindedness of your boss and coworkers, that is.

Data-Mining our entire lives via cellphones
It's just around the corner.
And i can't wait.
That is, as long as i'm the only one that can access such information.
Which likely won't be the case.

Mo' Maps, Mo' Problems
Microsoft jumps into the mapping fray. Too bad.

Is Your Printer Spying On you?
Could be. Scary.

How about a Styrofoam Hummer?
Better than the real thing.

Been Caught Huffing

These are the people in your neighborhood

SFPD Mission Community Newsletters
SFPD Northern Community Newsletters
These newsletters are so interesting -- weekly rundowns of events, arrests and other happenings going on in the neighborhood.
Where else would you find out that there are Stupid Pet Tricks trials for a future Dave Letterman show on Union Street this past Saturday? Or story after illuminating story about cops arresting folks doing various bad things?

Need more? Check out SF Crime Maps
You have to wade through a few items before you can get stats but it's quite interesting to see what has happened of late in your 'hood. My block is relatively crime-free for the last year, save for a few random acts of vandalism. but you'll have that.

Getting ahead in a difficult profession requires avid faith in yourself. That is why some people with mediocre talent, but with great inner drive, go much further than people with vastly superior talent.

- Sophia Loren

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