Wednesday, July 06, 2005

Ice Cream Destroys Cake


"BOISTERS" - a combination of boisterous and blistering, as in "this show is like, boisters, yo."
or maybe not.

Go Steelers! even in death
i know this sounds morbid but i want photos.
And thankfully, i we have them.
Click on Slideshow about halfway down into the story.

Lil Kim is headed to prison for a year
They'll have a lot of fun with her tiny ass in jail.

The Unmitigated Rage of Kenny Rogers
A real tough guy. what an ass.

Swimming with crocodiles for a stiff drink
These guys REALLY want to party.

Bush crashes his bike into Scottish cop
This is like the third time, i believe, Bush has crashed his bike.
Get some brakes and mirrors for the fucker.
and who knew there was a 'presidential bike'? awesome.

Meanwhile, he's got other shit to worry about.
Political factors for Bush as he picks a nominee

Maybe ol' W. could learn something from this.
Driving San Francisco Sane
This is a great story about driving in SF, with a lot of helpful hints, as well as an explanation of why the city streets are the way they are.
And don't forget to read the sidebar regarding the SF streets history.

Scary pedophile documents his demons on blog
quite messed up, to say the least.
and if you're feeling daring, check out his blog in question, Fifth Nail Blog.
Fascinatingly sick.

get your podcast on
everybody's doing it.

Bad Trip for Online Drug Peddlers
My favorite quote:
Most are far too psychedelically powerful for recreational drug users. Instead they are championed by psychonauts -- drug hobbyists and experimenters, usually young men -- who experiment alone or in small groups, sharing information and "trip reports" online.
That site, Erowid, has some highly educational trip reports. And more.
Or so i've heard.

New M.I.A. video, "Bucky Done Gun"
Can't forget about my cute little M.I.A.

How to buy the right pillow
this is serious business, right here.

That Bisexuality story i posted yesterday, refuted.

wi-fi ain't free bitches
though i have to wonder what the dude was doing sitting outside the guy's house.
but come on, people ride wireless networks all the time.
and are often bisexual.

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