Sunday, July 10, 2005

Alone Again

once in a while, the daily horoscope absolutely nails it.
If anyone loves being with others, it's you. You enjoy being with loved ones so much that you really aren't fond of being alone unless it's absolutely necessary. Oddly enough, at the moment, there's no one you'd rather spend time with than yourself. There's nothing wrong with that, of course. We all feel the urge to retreat from the world from time to time. Be considerate, though. Let one good friend know you're okay, so they can pass the word along

More on London

The missing ... in London
This will break your heart, especially the photos.

Eyewitness accounts
As Britain copes, a massive hunt for London bombers

tom cruise is nuts, the website
clearly, it's official now.

Fonz catch phrases

download 'Plan 9 From Outer Space'

more emoticons than you'd ever want

women accused of scamming aspiring writers

health screenings for teflon to start

The Power of Rove
Seriously scary story about George W. Bush's "architect." Long but worth the read. Know your enemy.

I Love Stats, these from Harper's Magazine

Sex talk baby

Digital downloading increases threefold

AOL's impressive Live8 coverage instantly increases its cred
never thought i'd see that.

best of craigslist, of late, is quite funny.
RAVE! Sleeping With Roommates
can't wait for the tragic part 2.
heh, guys are dumb
heh, some girls are lazy, and somehow sort of hot in the process.
describing your faults up front. not a bad concept.
and finally, Available - one grumpy-ass cat.
i've had a similarily horrific experience (not with any of MY cats, of course).

This Godless Communism is a early '60s ranting against the evils of communism in comic book form.
Includes introduction by J. Edgar Hoover! (thanks to Boing Boing for this)

450 Sheep Jump to Their Deaths in Turkey

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