Monday, July 18, 2005

Elementary My Dear

The Simnuke Project, commemorating 60 years since the first Atomic explosion.
The nuclear option - video
And more photos
And here is NPR's take

My new favorite band for the next minute(NOT safe for work)

The last person killed at Pamplona
all the gory details.

Cooter doesn't want you to see the new Dukes flick
i won't see it but not because of the language...more like it's going to likely suck.
And who the hell is Cooter anyway? Cooter was a two-bit character on 'Dukes', he got less airtime than Boss Hogg!

Corpse falls into traffic
Watch out or you'll hit that dead man!

Bush loses some luster
Awww, buck up W. Too bad people didn't realize this before the election.

Add podcasts to your iTunes general library

Happy News!
All the news that's fun to print. Happy happy, joy joy.

Open source beer
Make your own beer for fun, profit and sexual favors.

Clap Your Hands Say Yeah is the hot new indie band of the moment. But i'm not sold based on the three mp3s available on their site.
Click on tracks under the heading "music"
That last track sounds suspiciously like early Talking Heads.

Bello is the hot new font
i love fonts. This is a fine font.

Illustrations to write home about
I love illustrations. These are fine illustrations.

Who wouldn't want some Haunted Pussy?

The hottest new rapper, yo
and if that ain't enough, there's plenty more!

White Stripes live at Glastonbury
Jack White rocking it.

Do a Test run of Ableton Live 5

Free album from Marumari
they remind me of a poor man's Boards of Canada. or drunken ones.

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