Monday, August 01, 2005

Bounce With Me

Follow the bouncing balls
And for more photos ... Balls!

Foul-mouthed Parrot riles peeps
I would love to meet this parrot.

Gee, this urine tastes terrific

Love your job!
The twisting eyeball is probably my favorite part.

How the hell are squirrels trained to act?
They were, hilariously, in Charlie & The Chocolate Factory.

Boy, 4, Found Wandering on D.C. Highway
Impressive parenting in action.

Woman shot after already dying
Beyond weird, this is.

Generally, it's not a good idea to put gasoline in your bong
Call me old fashioned but i'll stick with water, thanks.

Whistle-Blower about flaws in routers that support the Internet Faces FBI Probe
This is crazy. Though not a surprise that the government is trying to cover it up.
More on this: Router Flaw Is a Ticking Bomb

Welcome to Bush America!
Little Leaguers told to stop speaking Spanish on field

N.D. Man Wins Annual Bad-Writing Contest
Not really something i'd be proud of.

Speaking of writing, learn how to write the Snoopy way.

How to get your story published
Be like Snoopy.

Greek Tragedy, the hot new blog
or so says the NY Times.

Now hear this: Designer hearing aids coming

It's Happy Bunny!

A guide to '80s cereals
Too bad there's no pics.

It's the cheesiest! Zoom all the way in to see what the moon is really made of.

3-Headed ant sells for $123.50, despite being dead and not actually having three heads.

Museum to let naked people in free

Filthy film fun

Downloading myths debunked

How about an iPod clock radio?
i kinda like this idea. so many songs to choose from to wake up to.

How 'bout them apples, BadApple?
BadApple is a free plug-in for iTunes which allows you to sync your music library to any MP3 player (not just an iPod).

Aww, she's in love with her iPod
and other gadgetry too!

Video mash-up of Green Day & Oasis
Wow, these songs are more similar than i would have guessed.

Great tracks, especially "Again," by Wicked Beat Sun System
Chill out, please.

Indie covers

Free mp3s from aol
who woulda thought?

New Matthew Herbert track
It's funny, very tongue-in-cheek.

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