Wednesday, August 10, 2005

You Are The Sun

Indeed, it is an exciting moment if you're a Boards of Canada fanatic like myself.
We have the album cover and a name, The Campfire Headphase.
The Gods be praised.
BOC's album is to be released October 18 in the U.S. -- my birthday! -- and the 17th in Europe.
The fact that it's being released on my birthday is a sign, i tell you.
The WAITING will kill me.
A friend and i were just discussing making the inaugural listen something special.
He mentioned getting some headphones and heading out to the woods somewhere.
I'm definitely thinking the same sort of kickoff. Maybe i'll head up to Marin Headlands, atop Mt. Tam, or possibly somewhere overlooking the ocean.
It has to be somewhere fairly remote where i won't be easily disturbed by other humans.
Irregardless, it will be a glorious day.

BOC Supplemental (3 p.m.):
- Someone went nuts and did a track-by-track analysis of the various samples and sounds used by BOC on Geogaddi. Click here
- Here's another fan page, with tons of information, including a tracklisting for The Campfire Headphase


Ibrahim Ferrer Dies at 78
Wow, i'm actually bummed about this. The Cuban-born Ferrer was the soft-spoken little lady-killer who was a key member of the Buena Vista Social Club.
Ferrer was amazing and he'll be sorely missed. But i'm glad he was able to taste some level of fame, even if it was late in his life.
Here's another story about Mr. Ferrer, who was felled by emphysema.

Iffy on the Podcast Scene
I'm not convinced by all podcasts just yet.
I just spent some time listening to a couple of idiots going on and on and onnnn about how they worked so hard over the weekend to put up a privacy fence in their backyard.
If i was into landscaping, it may have been somewhat interesting but i was listening to MyMac podcast! i want to hear about Macs.
ah, i should have known better though.
I felt like i was eavesdropping on a conversation a couple of suburban idiots at the local Sizzler were having while keeping their harried wives at bay.
or maybe not.
Irregardless, let this be a lesson to you.
Be extremely discriminating in your podcast choices.
I have yet to find one i'm very much enamored with. They all seem to go on too long (hell, the iTunes podcasts usually clock in under 15 minutes and by about 10 minutes in, they're driving me crazy with boring-ness).
Me, i just deleted my subscription to the MyMac podcasts and said Fuzz You jackassess!
And speaking of podcasting, why not check out the first ever podcast from space, via Stephen Robinson, a Bay Area native. Cool.
Though now apparently there's online controversy about the fact that it technically wasn't a podcast. Whatever.
Shut up geeks. It's from space. Wasn't that cool enough?

Cooter takes on the Duke boys of Hazzard County
Yet another hilarious bit by The Daily Show's Stephen Colbert.
Note what Colbert calls Cooter the first time he's asking him questions.

I am digging New York band Morningwood's track
To the Nth Degree

Miss Kittin comes back to San Francisco

Men do have trouble hearing women, scientists find
Finally, science proves what we've always known.

Texas Man Aims to Visit Every Starbucks
Could you be more lame?

i want an unusual home too
The ones i liked best were the Simpsons home and the entire apartment covered in aluminum foil.

Extra daylight savings may confuse the gadgets: Some experts predict miniature Y2K scenario
Ooh, Y2K frenzy part II! Though i do think the daylight savings changes will affect some people at first. But it doesn't happen till 2007, so it's not like we don't have some prep time.

Riding with the urban mappers
Not only will this be amazing technology to leverage when shopping for an apartment, looking for a hotel, or simply a way to scout out somewhere, it'll give people an amazing tool.
This tell-tale quote from A9's VP says it all:
"I'd love to look back at this in 40 years and get a sense of what we've accomplished here. We'll probably be able to access historical data and do time-lapsed views of this block. I like to think we are bringing a new and valuable data set online." says Barnaby Dorfman.

Stealing your neighbor's Net
are we really getting in a tizzy that people are piggybacking wireless connections?
Let's make citywide wireless connections available to all and be done with it! why not? It makes so much sense.

How to listen to new music online for free
Decent article for newbies, i suppose, but there's a ton of links, so why not?

One in six Americans visiting blogs
Those aren't bad odds. I'm sure i'm getting all those people visiting here every day.
oh yeah.

Man Kills Another in Dispute Over War -- Press Calls It a First
um, wow.
of COURSE it was a Pro-War Guy who did the killing, though both of them did draw their pistols on each other.
This is weird. And frankly, i can't believe it's the first such death.
More like the first REPORTED death.

MONSTERS IN OUR MIDST: Destroying the World For Your Own Good — August 6, 1945
Pretty powerful stuff about our use of the atomic bomb 60 years ago.


ws said...

disseminating or discriminating?

tim said...

heh, you're right, discriminating is what it should be. whoops.

Anonymous said...

Boo Hoo Hoo!!! the poor Japs they were the sweetest peeps on the planet and we just outta the blue dropped the Big One on em'! we shouldda made the island a radioactive parking lot after all the fucking shit they did in the 30's&40's! FUCK EM' and FUCK the CRY BABIES from the Blame America First crowd. gutless simps!