Tuesday, August 09, 2005

Zombie Envy

Zombies infiltrated San Francisco the last weekend of July and i unfortunately missed all the gory details. However, there are plenty of pics at the link below to help you out with an account of all the humans that were devoured that fateful day.
Zombies rule
Zombie Video, including a harrowing account at the Apple Store! Several MacHeads were eaten raw while sitting in front of their beloved computers, trying to save them from certain destruction.
However, it seems the zombies are also discriminating computer users and left most of the Macs alone, as long as they were given a free iPod Mini to match whatever outfit they seemed to be wearing (ironically, most of them wanted pink or red ones, due to excessive blood smeared on their heads and bodies).
A personal Zombie account
God bless the zombies of the world. For they are God's great creation.

Dog beats man in Alcatraz Swim
once again proving that canines are better than humans at most things, except shit that requires the use of opposable thumbs. But other than that, dogs kick major ass.

An Encyclopedia of Claims, Frauds, and Hoaxes of the Occult and Supernatural
The Amazing Randi wants to help you seek the real truth about the supernatural and so now you can go forth and conquer.

Ipod boosts old-timey jukebox
people have some sort of imagination, i tell you what.

Now you too can be an important adviser to the land of the tomorrow, today.

this would explain the giant sailing ship i saw a couple weeks back

1000 views for you and yours
a plethora of pics the whole family won't enjoy.

Four dead in cockfight gone awry
Generally, if you're involved in an activity that spurs someone to throw a fucking grenade in the midst, it's probably not a party you want to be a part of.

Kraftwerk Videos

Coldcut and Kid Koala Live

Your Body Is Younger Than You Think
It's true. I'm actually 10 years old. But my head says 14.

the New Mighty Mouse!
not the same as the old Mouse, though i wonder if the theme song is similar.

Yoshimi Battles The Hip Hop Robots
The Kleptones take on the Flaming Lips' Yoshimi album

Drunk Cat
Cats with guns
These cats will destroy you. I guarantee it.

Metal keyboard
For those who can't have enough cool gadgetry.

S.Korean scientists create world's first cloned dog
I want a cloned dog. Actually, a cloned cat would be nice, come to think of it.
Go cloning, go!

Yahoo hears call of audio search
Yahoo Tests New Audio Search Feature

A potential Wedding Toast
by Katie Holmes's Former Best Friend

Hardee Har Har. Or so they say back on the Ranch.

5 kittens accidentally shipped to Vermont
Thankfully, they survived. Whew.

Cocaine residue in Italian water reveals more users than official estimates
first of all, who decided that this is a worthwhile study?
second, why do this? To prove people lie about doing drugs? ooh, big surprise. weird.
Here's more...
Rivers of Coke

CNN Suspends Novak After He Walks Off Set
It's funny, James Carville made an off-handed comment about his being in the center of the Valerie Plame controversy and Novak says 'That's bullshit!' and walks off the set?
Here's video.

Katherine Harris Says Newspapers `Colorized' Photographs, Distorting Her Makeup
Katherine Harris is insane.

Bush's approval rating for handling of Iraq at new low, 38 percent

Man killed in pot raid -- warden wounded; Big marijuana haul in Los Gatos hills
tell me again how this marijuana was harming society?
and sorry, i have no sympathy for the fish and game warden who was shot.
a man is dead. and for what? marijuana eradication?
how about stopping those terrorists you weak-ass bitches?
you're doing society QUITE a service, now aren't you.
good job, pissants.

For the love of Alma: Alzheimer's may be sneaking up on Roosevelt Peay's wife, but Roosevelt's devotion remains steadfast.
This is a sad yet heartwarming story about an older gentleman still caring for his wife after all those years together. Yes, i can be a sap sometimes.

What is written without effort is in general read without pleasure.
- Samuel Johnson

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