Sunday, August 28, 2005

VMAs examined live, because you demanded it

i need to contribute to society.
i need to be part of mainstream pop culture.
i need to be part of now, fuckers.

green day opened the show.
i can't help it. i like that song, boulevard of broken dreams.
good pop hooks, it happens.
who would have thought green day would have ever gotten so huge?
fucked up.
i've always been an indifferent fan.
i liked 'longview'.

ashlee simpson is such a joke. she's so desperate for approval, it's pathetic.
i don't care if she's successful, desperation reeks from her.
now she's a blond.
just like her big sister.
she's way more fucked up.
jessica is just hot and kinda dumb.

r. kelly is such a creepy wierdo.
what is up with this 'in the closet' crap?

Diddy just made a bit of fun of himself for changing his name so many damn times.
i think it was a smart move, actually.
good work, diddy's handlers. nice one.
thumbs up.

the killers just performed swathed in decadence on a clear stage above a pool.
so miami.
i've been to miami and for some reason, i can give miami some slack, because it's so brazenly superficial, it's hilarious.

jeremy piven just brought up the fact that lil' kim is about to go to jail, with lil' kim right next to her.
fuuuuucked up.
i sort of like jeremy piven, now hip because of 'entourage.'
jeremy is suggesting conjugal visits.
lil kim is a plastic surgery creation.
everything on her is fake.
hell, jeremy piven used to be very bald.
his piece/surgery looks real though.
remember, he was the guy who was playing George Costanza in the Seinfeld pilot they did for nbc in season 3.
hilarity ensues.

money money money money money.
that's what this awards show is all about.
ludacris just won best rap video.

i kinda like the setup where the winners have to walk amidst fans a long way.
shows they are worshipped.
reality is fucking hilarity.
or i should say, "reality."

"it's about damn time," says ludacris. and then thanks his Management Company first.
popular music is a corporate creation now.
not that i should have said "now."

god bless my sandwich

6:41 p.m.
Snoop is on the stage right now with Diddy, trying to show his hugeness by pulling out his talked about 'surprise' performance, basically him conducting an orchestra with what i think is the Notorious B.I.G.'s lyrical goodness over the soundsystem.
Poor Puff Daddy. Always trying to seek approval.

now johnny knoxville is on screen with rapper Common.
or as he just said, 'my man johnny knox,' some random freestyle mix.
a bit weird.
weird reaction.
they showed 50 cent. listening.
Poor Common. Always trying to seek approval.

but yeah, that Diddy thing was odd. the whole B.I.G thing and his, um, guilt(?) about it?
i ain't saying anything.
i'm just tossing it out.

funny, a rock band just won viewers choice.
in a sea of hip-hopped-ness, the fallout boys won?
question: is hip-hop on the wane?
is it over?
i'm a writer.
throwing out random questions that actually mean nothing to society as a whole.
but dammit, i feel responsible for asking these so very important questions.
because, if i don't, how will you go on?
how can you continue to live?
this is all so very fucking important.
i tell you that.
so very fucking important.
chew on that, sneaker eating bitches.

8 p.m.
green day is viewer's choice.
it's official.
i'm a journalist.
i fucking study this shit.
america is rock again.
that's it.

your grandma hates me

i' ve been watching this show with the sound off of late.
see, i needed my own soundtrack.
here tis current soundtrack, yo: Atttention-Getting Ploy to See What I'm Listening to in Real Time.
you understand.
you being the 2nd person.
that i'm writing in.
dammit, don't you care about america?

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