Thursday, October 20, 2005

Sanguine Shuttlecock Sandwich

So i've been away for a bit.

My birthday came and went. Well, actually it's my birthday week, so i can keep on celebrating till i'm ready for the week to be over.

There was a fleeting thought of telling you that i was kidnapped at knifepoint by Bloodthirsty Monks with an unhealthy obsession with Eric Sevareid hellbent on destroying all forms of news-gathering currently at our disposal.

it was a tough and turbulant time my friends.

a time of reflection.

of revolt.

and intrigue.

not that anything really happened.

actually, i've been busy as fuck -- or B.A.F., for you acronym-loving genderbenders -- reeling in the years, reeling in the knees, reeling in the thneeds, reeling in the trees.

it brings me back to my halycon days of yesteryear holed up in the quaint little family farm we called home on Rodeo Drive.

Ah, my, times certainly have changed since those hardscrabble days on the lam, dole and pickpocket circuit.

at least i have my gelatin mold to remember you by.

Fuck you and your famine bullshit.
How do you know what the famine was about?

You see those floods happening?
I gotta alert Noah and get the ark ready. That 2-by-2 shit is bullshit.

My birthday was an exciting day of pain.

Lo, i have spoken.

Hobo Gangs For Liberty
Bourbon soup rocks!
See pic up top of Sugar-Booger, the bestest spoon comber the world has ever known.

Body found in glacier believed to be WWII airman
You gotta watch the video. so intriguing.

what is up with Australia lately? i talked to and about australia more in the last two days than i have in a long time.
bring me the head of King Kangaroo!

puddlejump licker a.k.a Satan
he's such a dick, there's no way i could put his pic on my page.

Hackus Interruptus GREAT story, yo.

look up, up in the sky
it's a giant loofa!

HOW-TO: Rip DVD Movies To Your iPod Using Free Software

This is what they mean about preserving the sanctity of marriage

Get your kick-ass leather pants!

harriet may be toast after all
Maybe you should read Harriet's Blog

secrets of duct tape revealed
tom ridge doesn't want you to know about this shit.
neither does Michael Cherthoff.

Sorry, Brownie's Gotta Eat some Din-Din first
Then we can start saving your sorry asses.
Or not.

say bye-bye to Cheney?
doubtful about Dick.

I'm a new father!!....oh wait, maybe not

They were right, this is a damn good bassline
a damn good song too.

Talking Heads demo
nifty, neato and such

This Tiga remix of LCD Soundsystem's "Tribulations" fucking rocks

whoa, BRMC have like, changed
good track.

Gang Of Four versus Yeah Yeah Yeahs
weirdly ok.

But i love clanging pots and science room skeletons

make music with your excel spreadsheet!

John Peel is dead but you are not, so you should listen to this

George W. Bush sings about White Lines

When George W. Bush attempts to speak, people sort of listen

God Lives Underwater singer dead

Joan Armatrading was a bitch
or maybe i'm lying.

Listen up children.
Whoo Hooo Whoooo

i know you want this truck

(thanks be to Boing-Boing for this)


Anonymous said...
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Ted R. said...

>whoa, BRMC have like, changed ..... into Led Zepplin I would say ;>