Wednesday, October 26, 2005

At Home I'm A Tourist

At long last, i have a night at home, a night without plans.
oh sure, i'm resisting the urge to go see negativland at the Great American.
but they're playing tomorrow night too.
so i got that in my back pocket.

to be home before 8 p.m. is a nice treat.

i realized that hardly anyone i know has concrete halloween plans.
god knows, i certainly shouldn't go to the Castro Monday night.
it's just too many idiots. you can barely even walk around.
sure, there are great costumes, but...i can see them online the next day.

or i can teleport there for a couple of minutes at a time and then teleport my ass on outta there, rescramble all my lovely molecules, and get on back home for some extended chill extravaganzas.

or i can dance on the ceiling. fuck gravity.
it's bullshit.

on the other hand, maybe i could go for a second.

word from detroit:
my nephew Brayden is already walking, talking and getting into verbal arguments with the nurses.
just a couple days old and already he's rocking the party right.
my brother did a good job having that kid.
apparently heidi, his wife, was there too for moral support.
nice work, bro.
you put the wind beneath my wings.

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if Fox News had been around throughout history ...
... we wouldn't be here talking right now...

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