Friday, November 04, 2005

Fright Night Videos For Temporal Purposes Only

I'm in a rock mood today.
I mean, shit, i pulled out The Wall by Pink Floyd and listened to the entire thing front to back (interrupted briefly with an AC/DC break - yes, it was "Thunderstruck"), and i haven't listened to that entire album in several years, i'd estimate.
that's what i love about music.
no matter what your mood, there's some music to match the mood.

So in a highly impromptu manner, i'm creating a little rock mix to keep me going through the hard long slog of the day/week.
i got a kitty resting her paw on my right forearm as i type she's licking me.
i got the apartment to myself.
it's Friday night.
I got a good pal coming over.
i got the whole night/weekend in front of me.

Here's what i'm spewing out emotion-wise via my favorite emoter - music - right this second.
if a few peeps pipe up about wanting some audio to match this textual i'm about to unroll, hit me somehow and say 'dammit tim, make me a mix.'
and it shall be done.
or my name isn't ted.

actually, i am the eggman.
or ... wait.
am i the walrus?
goo goo goo g'choob.

sexual chocolate mix for the people

friday, nov. 4, 2005
started between the hours of 9-10 p.m. PST

1. "Here Comes Everybody" - Autolux (from Future Perfect)
2. "Losing My Edge" - LCD Soundsystem (from LCD Soundsystem, CD2)
3. "Natural Grace" - Ride (from Carnival Of Light)
4. "Too Many Mornings" - Mojave 3 (from Spoon and Rafter)
5. "Bluebird Of Happiness" - Mojave 3 (from Spoon and Rafter)
6. "Acrid Avid Jam Shred" - Aphex Twin (from I Care Because You Do)
7. "Baby (Uptown Safari Jazz Mix by Yam Who?)" - Bebel Gilberto (from Bebel Gilberto Remixed)
8. "Owner Of A Lonely Heart" - Yes (from 90125
9. "Two Worlds Collide" - Inspiral Carpets (from Revenge Of The Goldfish)
10. "Season" - Kiln (from Sunbox)
11. "Alternative Biology" - Egg (from Don't Postpone Joy)
12. "Burning Up" - Alpinestars (from White Noise)
13. "Mine Is In Yours" - Mouse On Mars (from Radical Connector)
14. "Wipe That Sound" - Mouse On Mars (from Radical Connector)
15. "I Hate Milk" - Air Miami (from me. me. me)
16. "World Cup Fever" - Air Miami (from me. me. me)

As you can see, i didn't necessarily follow the total rock path.
Though i did try.

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