Tuesday, November 08, 2005

Dedicated to the City of San Francisco

I'd just like to extend my biggest heartfelt FUCK YOU to the City/County of San Francisco's 's Department of Elections today for not allowing me to vote for the first time EVER in the history of my voting life.
I haven't missed a single election since i voted for Mike Dukakis in 1988.
And now, this streak has been broken.
By bullshit.

They talk about the high incidence of voter apathy in this state, how people blow off voting -- especially in an off year, a special election year thanks to our prick Governor -- and here i am, somebody that really wants to vote!
I WANT my voice heard, even if in the grand scheme of things, one single vote may not mean a whole hell of a lot.
But it's my fucking right, nonetheless.
and i'm denied?

See, i only moved to the City of San Francisco this summer, after living for four years in Oakland.
I never had a problem voting in Alameda County.

I made all the correct address changes. With the City. With the DMV. With the Post Office (twice).

I printed out the correct Elections registration form from the SFGov website.
i filled it out.
i mailed it with PLENTY of lead time to ensure my registration form would arrive on time, before the deadline, which is 12 days before the election.

I never received any sort of confirmation in the mail, which was my first clue that something was awry.

So today, i call my local Elections rep to inquire of my polling place whereabouts, since the message received on the SFGov website was: "Due to unforeseeable circumstances, your polling place may be relocated prior to the election. Please check the website again or call 554-4375 to verify your polling place on Election Day."
And they have no record of me.
No record of my registration.
Trying to tell me i didn't do it in time (which i did), or that "doing it online doesn't always work" (i didn't DO it online, i printed out the fucking form from YOUR website) or whatever else.
The person on the phone knew next to nothing.

So i go to my polling place anyway.
No dice.
No record of me.

See, what the hell is that about?
If we're so fucking free, why can't i register to vote day of the elections, especially if i have more than one form of ID AND a bill with my name on it addressed to my current address?
Why is registering to vote so difficult?

It's complete and utter bullshit.

FUCK YOU SF Dept. of Elections.

I'd love to vote.
But you fucked up.
And now i can't.

Thanks for this exercise in futility.

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Anonymous said...

i have worked as an election official for 15 years.

go down to the county courthouse, to the CLerk and Recorder office, and aks this
"why was i not offered a provisional ballot?"

HAVA says you get a provisional vote

if you do not know the law and screwed off, then go to hell

on the otyher hand, if you really want to know, go ask

check it out