Friday, March 01, 2002

ground control to major tom

ah, this morning is coooooldd, brrrrrrrrrr...seriously, after the week of summer like weather, it kind of sucks to have to deal with crisp cold wind. but it's still sunny, so i shouldn't complain.

last night we had a gay ol' time like the flintstones for a coworker's birthday yesterday, first at fuse then later at this restaurant called the black cat...damn yo that place was expensive. our bill was $616. so it ended up costing like $50 each. ouch.
didn't realize it was going to cost so much, but damn if we didnt' have an excellent time. so cool to find smart, funny people to hang out with. i love making new friends...good peeps i work with, which i'm happy about.

yesterday i interviewed steve from fila brazillia and what a joy that was. it's so rare i get the opportunity to interview someone that i'm a big fan of and even better when that person is cool and eager to talk. steve was quite the talker. of course, me being the longtime hardcore completist fan, i was asking him about all sorts of obscure shit (like, where did you get the sample on "power clown" with those people going "hello, how are you? nice to meet you....may i take you home? goodnight.." - it was from a Danish language instructional tape). we talked about why it took so long for "jump leads" to come out, and what they're plans are for the future - their next release is going to be an EP of this dude rapping over old songs of theirs. that's coming out this summer.
but yeah, it was great. i still have to go over my notes. he said they were bummed they had such a long layoff between the last album and this one but a lot of that had to do with getting off the Pork label, which i gathered wasn't a very easy thing for them to do. i could tell there was some bad blood between fila and pork.

this weekend is too packed with stuff to do..damn. somehow i'll make it.
i really drank a lot last night. so did tina.
how much? well, we both fell asleep on bart almost as soon as we got on and dammit, we woke up in like san leandro...yep, we went way too far. thank god there was ONE LAST TRAIN going to San francisco or we would have been totally screwed. that's the second time we've done that.
yet another reason to leave the east bay.
of course, we got three free drinks each at fuse, thanks to my lovely company who paid. then at black cat, we were drinking some NICE wine...which was also quite expensive. hence, why our bill was so expensive.
assuredly, the creeps really do come out here in north beach at night. damn. lots of random freaks, prostitutes, and related fools.
i'm in a piano mood today. currently listening to one of my mixes from 9 broderick and damn if it isnt' good. i rule!
ok, i must work. i actually have another writing assignment from my job here...
onward and upward.
rock out.
and live large.

your mannequin is lovely.
speaking of, there's a mannequin available that i could have. i want it. don't know what i'm going to do with it but i'll figure out something.
bye bye chai boy

healthy joysticks!
Danny Aiello

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