Wednesday, March 06, 2002

last night i discovered the joys of "Cabaret." even though i didn't even make it through the whole thing, i'm singing the damn song today.
und cabaret, und cabaret, und cabareeeeeeeeeet

look at me, singing a liza minelli/joel gray song. what is the world coming to?
grandma in a basket. or at least, a head in a basket.
today i called Happy (my roommate) Chester. he asked why. i said because.
and that's all.

it is pouring this morning...well, at least in oakland it was. i get out of the bart and instinctively open up my umbrella and start walking

new coffee scene today
the joys of cafe prague and czech chicks
the joys of the 100-beer club
the joys and tribulations of penman
too much cream cheese is a bad thing. somehow i now have cream cheese everywhere.

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