Sunday, March 31, 2002

There's so much to talk about with the Miami situation, i don't even know where to begin.
just know that i wrote nearly 13 pages and i'm still adding stuff.

like me remembering the sea of flyers everywhere on the ground.

and everything else that goes with it.

Friday night was quite an evening of debauchery - i spent the entire day catching up no emails and getting shit done. See, Thursday was the only day i had to work after getting home Wednesday afternoon, writing 10 pages of notes, then conking out in front of the computer for an hour, then making my way to my bed for a nice 14 1/2 hour nap. yes, that was excellent your excellency.
punish my backburning software.
anyway, so thursday tina and i went out to go see mr. rolls spin some tuneage at Arrow, some godforsaken hole in the wall bar just up the street from club 6 (it looked like a cave from Land Of The Lost or Star Trek), with rolls spinning some platters.
i told tina about my miami trip, all the while still nursing a hoarse voice and related injuries.
noneventful, that night, other than me skipping kruder and dorfmeister (which proved to be the correct call since i saw them in miami earlier in the week and i heard they were tired out...big surprise...aren't all of us miami vets tired?).
Friday, hooked up with rolls and his chick, along with a couple from arizona, and we took a cab to the fairmount hotel for some R&R at the ol' Tonga Room. We picked up Dave (from not breathing) and his chick on the way and headed up the steep ass hills to Tonga.
I ordered myself some hearty beverages, including a Mai Tai that i THOUGHT was going to be in a coconut, but alas it was not (unlike Dave's pineapple drink), so then i moved on to the faux pina colada (with skyy vodka instead) and some other drink.
meanwhile, occasional storms ensued overhead inside, which was very comforting.
that was the cue for the kitschy, loungey band to kick out the jams, which included my favorite "Can't Get you Out of My Head" by Kylie Minogue. Yummy.
did i mention that the band was on a little riverboat? oh yeah, very enjoyable.

so then we're outside taking a puff or four and this other couple rolls out and promptly lights up a spliff.
of course, i was curious after just admonishing my fellow pals with their relative squeamishness when it comes to lighting up some illegal substances in public.
i begin talking to the law-breaking pair and fucking a, it turns out the guy works at Apple and is the head of the iPod division. in fact, he came up with the idea in the first place.
even better, we had a detroit connection. he's from somewhere in the detroit area.
he was quite the talker, the iPod guy, but funny too. meanwhile, i had left all my friends inside behind. alas, it was too bad.
the dude's girlfriend was the one who told me, not the guy himself as he was simply too modest.
you know.
on the other hand, i wouldn't have walked around telling people that shit either. i mean, how do you bring up something like that? "hi, my name is tim. not only do i dress cool, but i came up with the iPod. love me instantly."
fuck me i'm famous.

yeah yeah.

last night a girl told me my glasses looked really good on me.
last night i djed and did well.
i learned that cheb i sabbah is a cranky little fucker.
and i'm better than them all.

people in SF are noticeable nicer, after being in miami fantasyland for a week.
kind of funny.
good response from set, for the most part.
it was nice, kind of a jazzy fluid kinda vibe. too bad there were a few problems, like the skipping cd or the adam accidentally stepping on the cord action.
yes, all part of the game, you see. whee.
yammering digestible cumquat for relatives of vast inexperience.
that's what you need to be a fighting machine of pure glory and intrigue.
you are what you need to be.

met some cool people. lots of people came out. which was good.
always good. lot of people talking talking talking. yep and that's quite a thing.
i'm stuffed up.
i need batteries.

yes, even tina got her groove on. ellen ferrato was awesome. she played that "lazy " song i heard in miami.
she's a pistol, yep.
a pistol.
harder har har.

i should be blacklisted from the game of life.
ok, i must go put on my makeup. toodles.
bacon bit boy

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