Monday, March 11, 2002

blasphemous pageturners
today's fun observation

walking on Pacific in North Beach to work - caught small little Asian woman hocking up a big loogie, then glanced around to see if anybody was going to see her spitting that shit on the ground. our eyes locked for a split second, then i looked away as if i didn't know so she could spit in peace.

yes, i am a fellow of some taste and regard.

i met this wonderful fellow last evening at doug and canned ass's - he's a british director who also founded tone deaf records, this drum'n' bass label. very nice he was...also a longtime burning man veteran...i gave him a cd-r and also impressed him with my musical knowledge. always nice to meet people such as this. never know who you might be meeting and what they might be doing in the future. :)
meeting peeps, taking names, doing time and eating rice chex.
what more could you want.
i get to do dishes and you don't.
love me tomorrow. don't you see. we can be. ..poopee and loopee for mee and youeee

grandma is alive, well and kicking the shit out of your lame ass pungent stench.
god bless frankenfurters...
need me a hearsay to make it through the day, kay.
lay lady lay
death and destruction to one person i don't know.
papal poonpopper

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