Tuesday, March 12, 2002

crinkly blabbo

Ah, nothing like being greeted by a couple logs courtesy our street-dwelling friends on the way to work to put things in perspective.

Yesterday was the six-month anniversary of the terrorist attacks on NYC and Washington (which everybody seems to have forgotten about - hello, the pentagon was hit too), so everywhere there are newspapers showcasing the beams of light and quoting what i was told was rose mcgowan - something about all the dead being heroes.

after seeing the devastation that happened on sept. 11 on tv the other night, the only thing i can say is FUCK. those people just happened to be in the wrong place at the wrong time.

my god, i would have rather died immediately then to have undergone the horrifying things many of those people stuck up near the top of the buildings had to withstand.

probably the worst was hearing the unbelievably loud sound of bodies hitting the roof of the world trade center annex building, while the firefighters were inside attempting to figure out what the hell to do..which was little, other than attempt to save a few people.

anyway...i do not think this terrible act still justifies an act of war anymore, but we continue on with the killing.
speaking of that, on the front page of the chronicle yesterday was a photo of some soldier's handiwork in afghanistan, a piece of rock in which the soldier had chronicled every "kill" by drawing a stick figure with an unhappy face. there were dozens on there.
i found it to be quite offensive, to be honest.

today i walked all the way down montgomery from the bart. which is about a mile, maybe less. i always walk to bart after work every day anyway but haven't done it in the morning in some time, due to my foot, toe specifically.

the reason? nothing more than wanting a Peets coffee and not being able to get one here in north beach.
don't get me wrong, there are lots of great places to go pick up some steaming hot espresso.
but...there's something about Peets coffee that i really dig.
maybe it's in my head.

i'm still trying to wrap my head around that wu-tang show last week wednesday. damn, that was out of control. very aggresive crowd (there were TONS of cops there, we were searched twice going in, which NEVER happens to almost any other show i attend). i liked it and by the end, i was rocking out, taken over by the wu. they started out with individual peeps, the lesser-known fucks, of course, and worked their way up until all the mutha fuckers came out there. i'm telling you, what a life - getting paid big money to basically go out on stage and party like a maniac.

some of the guys were hyping the "grey goose," supposedly this excellent top notch vodka. in fact, bobby digital was even sporting a giant wall hanging on his body. it was hilarious. he was pretty funny - pretty offensive too, but funny just the same. at one point, he touted the combo of grey goose and Red bulls by telling us "you drink a few red bulls and some grey goose and you can fuck all night."

awright, awright.
probably the biggest response was from method man, who has this...charisma about him. hard to explain. he's got a great voice. i would have to say...i'm convinced of the Wu's talents...of course, i discover them when they're about to break up.
but hey, what can you do?

as i got off bart this morning, there was some dude standing atop a newspaper box spouting off about US policies and such...i wasn't sure exactly what he was talking about, other than hearing him talk about the faux surplus our government supposedly had (of course, that was quickly wiped out with the "war on terrorism" and bush's tax rebates, that were pretty much unnecessary, but probably won him many more converts. after all, who doesn't like free money?). his minions were handing out little pamplehts, which i didn't pick up.

so, as usual, the weather person is never really truly right about the weather. i realize it's hard to predict with the ocean, the bay and related craziness. but yesterday, they were talking like it was going to be warm and sunny and it was partly cloudy and cold as hell --- and you know, i wore a lighter jacket, thinking it was going to be warm and sunny.

so today i overcompensate and sport corduroys and a stylish corduroy jacket i just picked up. great for winter and warding off cold ass temps. and i'm sweating my ass off by the time i get to work. sure i WALKED the whole way, but still.
i can never get it right. now let's just hope it doesn't rain since i didn't bring my umbrella. because i didn't, you know it will.

yesterday i had a Tsingtao during lunch. nice to calm down and have a beverage over lunch. i figure damn..i deserve it. here's to good friends, tonight is kind of special.

i figured out yesterday that i could take the 9AX bus to work instead of just the 15, which was a fine thing for me. now i don't have to wait so long to take a goddamn bus from bart to north beach. now if i could only figure out which bus to take back to bart at night (every street that goes this way is one way, it seems). hopefully soon.

yesterday, i saw somebody shoveling up some dirt and my first thought was "damn, i haven't seen people digging dirt in awhile." i mean, yeah, there's this big construction site at the fruitvale Bart station where they're building up a new parking lot and digging up shit,, but i didn't get a firsthand account of the shit like i did yesterday while randomly walking.
anyway, they were filling up this area around a young fledgling tree. which i was down with.
i have a thing for trees. i speak for the trees.
i loved the lorax, btw.
i'm down with his scene.
see, people forget that trees are living things too. without plants and trees, we wouldn't be able to breathe all that well. you know, the whole photosynthesis thing and related flammery.
actually, i may be talking out of my ass here, but shut up.
i'm talking.
anyway...i love trees. i wonder how they survive in the city. that girl who spent two years up in a tree, julia butterfly hill (whom i saw one time in berkeley at whole foods), i can relate to her scene. trees rule.
i want to go back to sequoia national park and hang with some more trees.
sounds weird...but i truly love trees.

and that's your morning for you. now i've got work to do.
but thank the stars, for the trees.

i fucking hated that movie "blow" with johnny depp. the reason i just thought of that was i was going to use "Kee's" (as in, kilos) to fit that rhyme scheme up yonder and made me think of that.
btw, the director of that film, ted demme, is dead.
long live the king.

keep alfred e. neuman on the chopping block.
your faithless dead man,

billy dee williams

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