Sunday, March 10, 2002

safety last, ladies last, with an attitude, fellas in the tude, strike some toes there's something to it -- Donal Logue

the strange podiatry horror
it's weird - i feel like all i want to do with all my free time is to devote it to music. like stuff for me. my music. my ever-insatiable appetite for music. for some reason, i'm throwing away time toward developing my music writing career in favor of djing, editing and recording. fucked up.
yet, yesterday i spent 5 plus hours working on this editing software at seanO's pad. so much fun...just placing tracks where they need to be in previous mixes i've done and editing bits here and there.
lots o fun, yo, for the masses and your grandma too.
obi wan you are my only hope
dj dj dj..
actually, i'm spinning next friday now.
jesus, miami is coming up quick and i'm not ready. i gotta be.
fuzzle puzzle luzzle muzzle.
kevin alcoine is my bitch.
crack babies are my forte.
in my life of crime.
shame, weakness, guilt and betrayal.
all this can be yours if you join life!
ass kickers shit kickers beer stickers pot lickers and baby fixers.
all are welcome, all are welcome.
come into the light come into the light.
carol ann carol ann carol ann
track me over and make me an ear.

i must go back to doing nothing and accomplishing even less.
e chuda

glam slam ham bacon sausage spaghetti and meatbone, shep pettibone and harvey milk.

time passages by al stewart sucks.


something about tango
not tang breakfast drink either.

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