Monday, March 18, 2002

my mouse sucks now.
it is windy today.
it is cold today.
my hair is mussed.
i'm into ambient music. fuck the trends.
i really really like kinko the kid loving klown.
i really really like triple shot lattes from Peet's Coffee and Tea.
Zero degrees never has the bagels (sesame seed) i want.
some people can be pretty cranky sometimes.
i can be pretty cranky sometimes.
i can stink sometimes.
i think i outdid myself with yesterday's mix. backwards whale songs - how can you go wrong?
i've quickly realized Candace and Doug play for keeps. They rule. Fast into the fold, they are.
i'm doing poorly on the NCAA tip. why do i even bother?
My pal Mikey was drunk last night.
I did not drink for St. Patrick's Day.
I did acquire a bunch of new computer shit.
We are getting a new fridge today. for free.
I like the word 'mordant' today.
I spent $5.12 at Rite Aid last night for Pringle's, a 10-pack of Twix, a 10-pack of Snickers, and an Aquafina (it was that or Dasani - what a choice, eh?).
I realize my layout on my blog isn't the best, but i haven't devoted the necessary time to change it.
I need to get ready for Miami. Presently, I am not ready.

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