Monday, September 13, 2004

Et Tu, Brute?

Bush has 'flip-flopped' much more than Kerry ever has. Not that i'm letting the GOP define my candidate. it's just unfortunate that a majority of Americans have picked up on the whole 'flip-flop' bullshit spewed by the pissant republicans. We'll see bitches, we'll see.

Both Candidates Often Shift Positions

and check it - the world is fed up with W. hilarious.
World Wants Bush Out of The White House: Poll


so it's weird to be back from burning man. i was feeling a bit tired out but now i feel energized. for the most part, except for the fact my lips look like they've been invaded by cancer. i mean, herpes. same difference.
it fucking sucks. but at least now i have found someone i work with who has to go through the same bullshit i do whenever i am out in the sun too long. i get fever blisters/cold sores.
but thanks to this friend, who also gets them, she turned me on to Lysine, an amino acid that apparently people like us are lacking. cuz if we did have this fucking amino acid kicking ass in our bodies, i wouldn't be bitching about my cancer lip.
so yeah, lysine helps.
i'm going to order some on the internet.
also, acyclovir is a hearty deterrant. apparently you can buy those on the web too, though technically you're supposed to have a prescription. guess i'll have to figure something out. but i fucking want this shit the next time i get lip misery and head off possible problems.
oh yeah, i'm also supposed to coat my lips with zinc oxide. so i need to pick up some of that shit too. zinc oxide. yeah!
i'm not sure what sort of consistency zinc oxide has but i'm sure it's very nice.

they call me mellow yello, quite right-ly.

buttcake johnson, america is your friend

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