Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Cooked Spinach Is For Losers

actually, i enjoy fossils


i am listening to kraftwerk.
i am about to go see ADULT.
i am into punctuation.

ulrich - the new cd, goodbye, i think the actual released version of the cd will sound better. seems not mastered/engineered in a finished state.

speaking of.... the cd of lcd soundsystem is clearly MUCH higher sound quality.
makes me realize (begrudgingly) that AIFFs are still the only REAL way to go.

and NOW i'm just typing TOO MANY words in all CAPS.


i watched sopranos last night.
fuck, i thought it was just great.

best line, uttered by tony (of course) - "'remember when' talk is the lowest form of conversation."

i was taken aback. in a positive manner.
i.e. i am quite pissed -- and supremely jealous -- i have never written and/or uttered those words, the remember when thing, in that exact way.


so so good.

sure, the show was a bit sappy on the paulie tip (kill that somewhat traitorous motherfucker already....hmmm...that'd be an ultimate twist, if paulie ends up killing tony but i dunno...?) but i really dug it.
good to see tony still up to his old ways, fucking that hot miami chick (they portrayed miami quite well) and being the gangster bastard that we all know and love/like.

i also realize how much better HBO is than every single channel.

no. 2 for me in tv watching time is comedy central.

then local channels.
history channel.

and i can't forget CBN, the christian broadcast network.
oh, yeah. oh, oh, oh.


i really wish i could just order those channels only.

fucking america.


i'm way excited and in a uber positive/confident mood and will be for the weekend.
new job gig.
me rocking.
the kitty's emasculating commentary.
a sustained passion for clinique.
and don ameche, who was brilliant in Cocoon 2.


('crazy on you' by heart is playing now - yay for timpratt shuffle)


i begrudgingly (yes, 2nd time i've used that word, much to my chagrin, even though i could actually be lying ... .... oooooh, self-awareness, me and james murphy from LCD talked about that, i gave have him shit about that in his lyrics - i know, i crack up thinking about it) admit that 'white satin' will now forever be associated with xmess '06 with mikey in sf.

and george.
and the OED.

and us being labeled 'fags' for similarly innocuous bodily adornments.
(that was a great fucking sentence ....and i'm getting sick of Heart now)

concubines at the discotheque hate your rancid cankersore detritus.


it's more fun to compute.


i think i am realizing i'm using mikey as a soundboard for what i'm going to post on paperspray later, when people have stopped using supplements. for passion.


i program my own computer.


and mikey knows i will censor parts.
for futureTimPratt's benefit, of course.
i have some respect, buttermilk butterfinger hater.


i should go see ADULT. now.


this greenery is spectacularly above par. for chancre admirers in heat in the state department.

except for carol mcgregory.

and it goes without saying that we don't need to utter anymore when speaking of a woman such as she.

unless bathing with panthers.

and that's rarely confident.

because of that specific time before the additional calculated sectional behavioral admissions excepting release of pertinent panchos, despite the vitamin c interactions.


i like those five periods above me right now.

and below.


or is that a persevering totalitarian?

one can only guess based on significant battle cruisers.


you like me, you really like me.

i just realized that i was still writing this email for mikey and not for paperspray.


i should fucking go.

i mean. fuck.


jesus is my saviour.
without mammon.


christopher hitchens

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